Why Square Enix holds back on Kingdom Hearts 3 and other Final fantasy games

"ever wonder why square enix keeps holding back on kingdom hearts 3 and why they wont release final fantasy type zero (agito) to north america. Ever wonder why Square enix would make a trailer for a game and then not release it such as final fantasy versus 13 which they renamed to final fantasy 15. "
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kalkano1850d ago

Pointless video with some misinformation. I.E. Square never said they were remaking FF7.

SirBradders1850d ago

They did say they will only when they surpass the sales of it.

pompombrum1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

CBA watching the video but the reason is simple.. in today's market and growing costs, they aren't certain the ROI will be worth it.

The truth is, gaming has become more mainstream than ever and Square-Enix needed to capitalize on this and create a Final Fantasy game that will do for this gen like FF7 did for the ps1 and bring in a whole new generation of gamers to the JRPG. Sadly, instead we got only a decent RPG for a series that prides itself in creating outstanding experiences. Worse still, they're milking the FF brand to the point where it's getting increasingly difficult to associate it with 11/10 gaming experiences that they once brought to home consoles.

Mounce1850d ago

The title is a simple answer nonetheless.

Square holds back because they are a Trump Card for when disaster strikes and they know an easy series to go back to so people will think they've learned something for another time by making a game that is acceptable by fans of an already existing series.

ichimaru1850d ago

I belive Square enix hears their fans loud and incredibly clear, they just don't feel compelled to Obey them. They have even spoken on the demand for another Kingdom hearts If i recall correctly.

NBT911850d ago

If Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't announced at this year's TGS, it will definitely be announced the following year.
The game was hinted at during Kingdom Hearts 3D which set up the plot for an epic finale.
Nomura has talked about KH3 at least a few times. It is all but officially announced, but it looks like they are finally getting to working on it.

hkgamer1850d ago

I reckon KH3 should have been released around 2011-early2013. That was the best time to release games for PS3 and 360. mean if it was released around now, then they could even get it out for the WiiU.
Now that the next gen consoles are coming out I thikn KH3 has missed the perfect release time.

wishingW3L1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

the team is working on FFvs so they first need to finish that to then proceed to make KH3 (which already had pre-production). In other words, KH3 is at least 2 years away after FFvs is released.

The one to blame here is Wada for constantly using Nomura's Team to help the Team of Toriyama make the garbage FF13 games and sequels. And on top of it Nomura is the main artist of many Square games too so he has a lot of work.

TheLyonKing1850d ago

I have no idea why you have disagrees all you said was a good assumption and a fact.

Nomura said he has had the concept for a while and it ends the xeonort saga.

Once ff vs 13 is done it is his next priority

Donnieboi1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

They're not holding back on them. They simply haven't made those games, or don't have the confidence that they can still make those games good (the current Square is a far cry from it's former self/staff).

DigitalRaptor1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Stupid video. They never announced those games.

They have a badly organised workflow in on-going projects such as Versus XIII, FFX/X-2 HD, Lightning Returns, next-gen project. Until these games have come off the production line, you're not going to see a KH3 and you'll probably never see a FF7 remake because it's not feasible and it would never live up to the hype. Square Enix are better off leaving a classic, a classic as far as a PS1 game is concerned.

McGamer1850d ago

Wow, a lot of misinformed guesses about SE's intentions, lol.

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