It Doesn’t Matter: Cultural Misunderstandings Do Not Equate to Racism

Ethan Moses does not think that Kotaku handled calling out the Starcoon developers correctly for the naming of their game: "While I completely agree that game developers need to be extra cautious about game content should they want to appease a global demographic, I was a bit irritated by the content of the article and how irresponsible it was to bring the potential cultural misunderstanding to light in the way in this way."

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Wenis1818d ago

I hardly ever hear the word coon, and I'd say most people don't even know that it is a slur. The name of the game was fine IMO, I highly doubt the devs meant it to be offensive in any way. It was kind of a cool name too. But too bad the crybabies at Kotaku had to shame the devs into changing the name.

Kratoscar20081817d ago

Im pretty sure thats Cartman Hero(?) alter ego: The Coon.

So yep i know.

Fatty1818d ago

Good article; I think it speaks more to the Kotaku writer's (and the Kotaku editors who approved the article) views if he hears anything with "coon" it in, especially about a space-faring raccoon, and immediately thinks "RACISM".

Bimkoblerutso1818d ago

Christ, I feel like I've gone back in time. When has anyone said "coon" in the last 20 or 30 years and HASN'T just been referring to a literal raccoon?

madjedi1817d ago

Last time i heard coon used in a insulting way by anyone was on forest gump. Other than that i can't remember it being used really