A Proposal for Physical Media

Physical media is the next dinosaur on the technology chopping block, but how is this advantageous to the average gamer?

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PigPen1850d ago

I am already on board with a 2TB harddrive. All Wii U games will be a given. But what "Ubisoft" are doing with Splinter Cell, I might have to abandon campaign. And I am still not sure what "Microsoft and Sony" doing.

satam551850d ago

What a worthless POS article. Why did N4G even bother to post this? So the reason physical media needs to die is because he's too lazy to change out a disc. Get F*** outta here!

shivvy241850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

DISC > Digital Copy ! i dont know why but i like collecting the disc case and manuals

Dark_Overlord1850d ago

If a console doesn't support physical media, then I wont purchase it, I love the boxes on display, hell I even read the manuals :)

fsfsxii1850d ago

My god, wtf did i just read??

Physical copies should extinct because he's a lazy ass dumb fuck. Who approves these things??