‘Dead Rising 3’ development outed by voice actress

New information surfaced on April 30 which suggests that Capcom is developing a new entry to the “Dead Rising” series.

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scofios1875d ago

would love to see how many zombies theye can put on the screen this time on the PS4/720.

GuruStarr781875d ago

Yes! I liked the first one and loved the second one!

TheMutator1875d ago

omg im so hyped (sarcasm)

Heisenburger1875d ago

That was really clever

Eldyraen1875d ago

I hope its a next gen title or cross gen at very least--DR was one of the fun games to play "early on" this gen and would live for a similar experience for 3.

Nothing wrong with over the top zombie slaying with tongue in check sense of humor (Shawn of the Dead for example is awesome "zombie" flick with similar vibe). I love truly dark games as well but DR had some great Pychos because of the way the game was designed (Clown especially).

MestreRothN4G1875d ago

Indeed. The psychos are really memorable.

I played both games and will play the third one. The game merits easily beat its flaws, which are many btw.

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The story is too old to be commented.