Review: Mad Catz R.A.T.M Mouse - Smart Gaming On The Move (XLC Gaming Network)

XLC Gaming Network writes: As more and more Smart Devices become a popular platform for gamers on the go, Mad Catz has seen the potential to tailor make some of their best peripherals for this growing market. A few months ago at CES 2013 Mad Catz announced their GameSmart technology initiative aimed not just at PCs and laptop’s but also Smart devices. They will have a diverse range of peripherals in the coming year, but kicking things off and leading the way forward is the R.A.T.M Wireless Mobile Gaming Mouse. Thanks to Mad Catz we can bring you a review of this technically impressive mouse which has been released in 4 colours with ours being in Ferrari red.

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LackTrue4K1935d ago

ok!!!! ordering from Amazon now! :D

no1phil1935d ago

Nice one i can assure you its a great mouse :) Got to live the R.A.T. range :)