Check your Email for Some Free Soul Sacrifice DLC

"In hopes of raising awareness of Soul Sacrifice, Sony is sending out emails that not only detail the game, but also include a free DLC code. "

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admiralvic1875d ago

I am glad to see Sony is really pushing for this title to do well.

Sephiroushin1875d ago

Nice, although not my day of luck, didnt got the email and my store didnt got enough copies of the game so I was left out!

TheUndertaker851875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I got my email for it yesterday. While the gesture and the fact that they want to raise awareness for the game is nice, it's just not for me right now at least. Got a lot of other stuff going on in my life right now so can't pick up as many new games as I'd like...

You know what though? I'm sure somebody out there right now is enjoying it, so...


"Go to "Librom" - "Network" - "Peddler" - "Claim Gift" in game after entering your code to claim your DLC"

Please reply if you use this code so others know it is no longer valid.

Toon_Link1875d ago

Someone used it, thanks for putting it out for use.

Raccoon1875d ago

I USED IT!!!! I don't even own ps vita led alone the game... I'm a bad son of a bitch!!!

I'm just kidding I would never do such a selfish deed... But maybe I did.... [=__=]

blackbirdi1875d ago

i didn't get anything from them

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