New Details on Halo 3's Legendary DLC Coming this Week

It looks like Bungie isn't going to sit around on its laurels and let Call of Duty 4 show them up on Xbox Live. To help revitalize the Halo community, Bungie is set to release what they call "Legendary DLC," a new three-pack of downloadable arenas, of which include the Ghost Town level first unveiled at GDC.

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Faztkiller3442d ago

New tank looks awesome cant wait

princejb1343442d ago

halo died out
sorry to say this

InYourMom3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Yeah 10mil on Xbox Live and it is constantly in the number one spot until COD4 and now battles back and forth for #1.

You know you didn't even have to post anything but you just had to throw your negative 2 cents in.

The BS Police3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

That is why players only logged in 1,751,083 games in the last 24 hours.

ambientFLIER3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

That's because everyone has already bought it, numbnut. It sold to 50% of the 360 userbase. What are they going to do, buy extra copies? It's kinda unreasonable to expect 100% of xbox owners to like a certain game.

If it died out, how are there 300,000 people playing it on live every day?

Breakfast3442d ago

If your calling me a numbnut, i was pointing how stupid that dudes comment was.

ambientFLIER3441d ago

Mah bad. I misunderstood.

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GETPWNT3442d ago

This news isn't about COD4 or Gears? Don't care.

llamaman133442d ago

theres almost more people playing halo than people that own a ps3

Breakfast3442d ago

thats a pretty dumb comment

MasterChief28293441d ago

edit the news post, Luke Smith said it was delayed until Wednesday.

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