Ryo Hazuki Statues Now Available For Pre-order

Hardcore Gamer: The basic version costs $170, while the exclusive version costs $150. That version will be limited to 350, while the basic one will have 750 made.

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christheredhead1847d ago

I have to get one. Shenmue is still my favortie game of all time.

ichimaru1847d ago

Completely unrelated, but here's to hoping Rare gives us a nextgen Shenmue sequel

Magnus1847d ago

Sega made Shenmue not Rare during the Shenmue days Rare was working with Nintendo.

ichimaru1847d ago

Yeah I completely confused Shenmue with
Killer instinct lol. thanks for the correction

Magnus1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Nice statue have to get my hands on one or both. I just hope Sega releases a Shenmue 1&2 HD remake or release both titles on PSN and XBL. Along with an announcment of Shenmue 3.