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New Gamer Nation - You have to give the folks over at Ubisoft credit; they took a great game, gave it a new twist and produced something boldly creative and unique. It wasn’t an easy task, especially when you consider that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was vulnerable to becoming yet another FPS clone in the crowded first person shooter genre. Instead, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a game that feels like Far Cry 3 at its core, but offers a new, exciting and just plain fun pseudo-expansion that dares you not to fall in love at first sight. If you like the idea of an 80′s action hero causing absolute mayhem in a VHS-era vision of the future, that is what you can expect from Blood Dragon.

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titletownrelo1938d ago

This is probably the coolest idea for an expansion dlc Ive seen in a long time. I haven't actually played it, so I cant speculate on actual content, but just from looking at the gameplay videos you can see the creative risk-free mindset the developers had to create this, a mentallity that a lot of the big gaming companies out there unfortunately avoid.

newgamernation1938d ago

You have to acknowledge that Blood Dragon is built on Far Cry 3 which is already an awesome game on its own. The game would be far worse if it was built on a different game keeping everything else the same. However, like you said, the idea is unique and the game is definitely awesome and fun to play. Hopefully, other gaming companies will take a cue from this title and stretch the horizons a bit.

Hufandpuf1938d ago

It's not an expansion. It's stand alone DLC.