Rev3games- Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

Rev:Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone downloadable that takes the core mechanics of Far Cry 3, slaps on a fresh coat of day-glo neon paint, and sends players on one of the more idiotic adventures in recent video game history. Regular, vanilla Far Cry 3 was Max's favorite game of 2012, and Blood Dragon somehow managed to please him even more.

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LOGICWINS1969d ago

This is bought. We need to support developers that take risks!

Septic1969d ago

Indeed. The game looks like so much fun and for $15, you're getting amazing value.


Jek_Porkins1969d ago

I'm stoked for this game, I agree that it came out of left field and I was a bit confused as to why they called it Far Cry 3 when it didn't have anything to do with that game, but it looks amazing and fun.

InTheZoneAC1969d ago

here I was ready to spend $30 on it, and it's only $15!