Fuse Exclusive V.I.P. First Transcendental Unboxing

GOS: "Brandon Winfrey of Insomniac Games took it upon himself to announce that their new co-op shooter FUSE has gone gold. To celebrate Insomniac’s first multiplatform game being completed an exclusive unboxing was released to the world. He is a good friend to GOS and we wanted to help spread the word about this momentous occasion"

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jc485731938d ago

so no manual as well. just a warning pamphlet.

rbluetank1938d ago

i still have bad feelings about R3. i tried to replay the single player game about 3 weeks ago on my second ps3. the game said i need to update. while i was updating the new patch it locked up on my second ps3. i restarted my ps3. my R3 copy will not play now. i was a big fan. i am cool on "never sleep".