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Let’s get C-Wars on the 3DS, Wii U and Vita!

From the article, "Okay people, it’s time to get your wallets out for what looks to be a worthy Kickstarter. Onipunks is working on C-Wars, a new roguelike RTS that has lots of choices for players to make that will influence the ending. The good news is, the PC game is already funded and an Alpha build available via the Onipunks website. The even better news is, 3DS, Wii U and Vita stretch goals are waiting in the wings. Oh, and there’s a C-Wars iOS port stretch goal as well. Which is all well and good, but I think we all agree that our primary focus here is to reach the 3DS, Wii U and Vita stretch goals. The only downside is, there are only 11 days left to the Kickstarter and only just over $49,700 has been pledged as of 12:50pm on April 30, 2013." (3DS, C-Wars, iPad, iPhone, PC, PS Vita, Wii U)

dedicatedtogamers  +   849d ago
Looks like a nifty game. If it has a reasonable price ($5 or so) I'll pick it up for Vita.
Neonridr  +   849d ago
based on the stretch goals on the kickstarter website, it doesn't look like the Vita goal is going to be reached.
SandWitch  +   849d ago
gamer42  +   849d ago
but, this game would fit perfectly for a handheld.
PopRocks359  +   848d ago
Looks alright. Power to them if they make it.
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