Critically Playful: Story is what you make of it

From the article, "So, what’s the problem with that? During a 2007 Game Developers Conference address, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the intention of the design philosophy he had started using since starting to develop the original The Legend of Zelda. He argued that “Some people think that this single player game is one where you communicated only with the computer, but from the start I thought that Zelda could create a different kind of communication, centered around the game itself.” He also admitted when people said the game lacked context and direction, he made things more difficult by taking away the player’s starting weapon. The reasoning was that he wanted players to “talk with other Zelda players and exchange information, ask each other questions, find out where to go, exchange information…” In other words, he wanted to make a single player game that people had to work together on. He made a single player massively multiplayer game."

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