Nintendo Outlines Developer Support, to Address the "Misconception" of Wii U's Capabilities

Both Unity and the Web Framework have been key messages from Nintendo towards smaller developers, in particular, encouraging these studios by showing that publishing games on the Wii U eShop can be a simple, inexpensive process. We also know that Nintendo is planning to help developers based in Japan localise more of their titles to the West on 3DS and Wii U, while we hope those "favorable results" for 3rd party support in the summer will include some significant titles.

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TheUndertaker851973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

There isn't really a "misconception" though. Iwata himself has pointed out shortcomings of the system and the problems they already face with it.

Again, Nintendo themselves KNEW from the start what'd be required to run the system & controller, two things damning the WiiU. They also KNEW that the system would be limited in terms of multiplayer functionality before the system even launched. They KNEW that their new gamepad would be expensive, eating up nearly half of the cost of the system. They KNEW they'd have problems with third party support as they always have. They KNEW that users were/are ready for a fuller online experience. They KNOW that many people still don't even know what the WiiU is, rather it's a whole new system or a new accessory for the Wii.

All of these things that they KNEW are attributing to the slow, stagnant sales of the WiiU. Instead of choosing to act beforehand to keep these problems from arising they chose to try to bank off the Nintendo name once again. The HUGE problem Nintendo is going to face is simple. Many of those above problems now can't be fixed without new hardware.

This isn't a dig. This is the truth. Releasing the WiiU with the idea that you're first out of the gate with what is believed to be the lowest price tag for a "next gen system" and worrying about everything else later is the single most stupid thing Nintendo could've done. Even a two to three month longer wait could've resulted in:

1) More titles available at launch including first and third party
2) More power put into the system so the OS/gamepad footprint wouldn't be the problem that it is. This could've gave Devs more room to work too, resulting in a better product in the long run.
3) More time to sort out their network and the features it would offer
4) A better understanding of what competitors are bringing to the table
5) More time to get Devs on board the WiiU, even after launch
6) More time to actually deliver the message that the WiiU is a whole new system, not just a "Wii 1.5"
And going out on a limb 7) A slightly lower launch price since they'd have more products to fall back on to make a profit(Not necessarily even a $50 difference but even $20 to $25).

And for some Nintendo fan who will inevitably "ask":

These "misconceptions" come from Nintendo itself. At this point it seems too little too late to fix many of the WiiUs issues without a major hardware revision and more forward thinking by Nintendo.

To put it nicely, Nintendo went from that family oriented/party oriented view of the Wii to the more single player oriented view of the "U". U and Mii doesn't work well when you focus on U. They went from "Wii would like to play" to "U would like to play". One delivers the message that it's for everybody and we can all have a good time together. The other sounds more like Nintendo is telling you that you should play and play by yourself.

Yes, those were puns and puns intended.

DeadlyFire1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Well to me Nintendo took Wii's motto and added in U as the 5th player with alot of their games for WiiU thanks to the gamepad + wiimotes. Doesn't seem to be the strongest idea to me. Nintendo sees a big issue if they are skipping E3. Nintendo is in a scary place if they do decide they need new hardware or to wait. Launching something else to early would bomb the company. I expect next gen portable from Nintendo in 2016. Next gen console in 2017/2018. Not a single bit earlier. I can see Nintendo getting serious with their next console. Likely with DMP or NVIDIA graphics. As rumor of DMP aiming for 2.1 Tflops with their next GPU. I don't know if anyone remembers those Japanese slides with Nintendo/DMP listed on them.

E3 is a big selling point. Missing it might hurt their sales for 2013/2014. Nintendo knows its in a boat alone with 95% of third parties away from their console. So likely they will be doing Nintendo Directs as time goes on with announcements. They could have more third parties under their wing that we just don't know about as well though.

weekev151973d ago

1) I agree with this, Nintendo should definitely have had more products either ready or close to ready so we wouldnt have needed to go through a 9 month drought (with the exception of MHU and Lego City)

2) I think the Wii U's power is just fine. It won't compete with the PS4 and Next Box on power but once again offers a different way to play and enouogh power to run most games albeit it downscaled from the other 2. Im interested in seeing how Retro harness the power of Wii U in their game as I get the feeling it may turn a lot of heads.

3) the Network is actually pretty good, anytime I've been online its been stable, I've been able to find games etc the only thing that is missing is cross game chat. I would be very surprised if this isnt fixed in a firmware upgrade in the future. Things like Miiverse have been a universal success.

4) Nintendo understands just fine what their competitors are bringing to the table. Nintendo has, and always will do, their own thing and that is to provide a hardware unit that enables devs to create fun and innovative games.

5) I actually think its a bit of a misconception that WiiU third party support is poor. EA have fallen out with Nintendo over Origin. There are a lot of rumours about EA wanting Wii U to run every online function through Origin which is just crazy and I'd be surprised to find anyone who thinks that this would have been a good move for Nintendo. There have been 3 (possibly 4 if GTA doesnt get announced) multi plat titles that I have wanted on Wii U that they have missed out on which are Farcry, Bioshock and Tomb Raider. Any other title that hasnt come was in development long before Wii U was announced or for me is a bit meh.

6) I agree the message hasn't been clear, I think nintendo got the name all wrong.

7) Nintendo was making a loss as it was with the price, at the end of the day they are running a business and the goal of any business is to turn a profit, which they have started to do.

Agent_hitman1973d ago

There are already 2 of this news here on n4g already.. Duplicate

isarai1973d ago

Please don't make game solely around the basis of trying to prove everyone wrong about graphics, just make great games, not graphical tech demos