Star Trek: The Video Game – A Forgettable Redshirt (GamersBliss) writes: "At first look Star Trek: The Game could potentially breathe new life into a non-existent gaming franchise. Like other licensed games Star Trek can’t seem to catch a break with the exception of a few titles such as the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, a title which came out over a decade ago. Could this reboot of the franchise break new ground and capture the same success the movie box office hit did?"

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GameReviewGuy1815d ago

Was planning on skipping this game and I can now see that it was a good idea.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1815d ago

Whaaaaaat? I think I will try it out anyway.


This game is bad... and by bad... I mean... CSPAN... bad

TheSuperior 1815d ago

Good thing Im not a Star Trek fan :P