Sony Emailing Soul Sacrifice Exclusive DLC Codes Without a Pre-Order

If you haven't pre-ordered Soul Sacrifice, no worries since Sony is sending out DLC codes to people regardless and reveals the upcoming DLC schedule

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ftwrthtx1729d ago

Smart marketing ploy. I have a DLC code now, so now I'm more inclined to get the game. LOL

Elimin81729d ago

IKR.. I planned on getting it anyway just not right away.. But me receiving this DLC makes me want to get it now! Lol.

SonicRush151729d ago

Haven't gotten one yet. But I went out to buy the game anyway about to play it =P

ftwrthtx1729d ago

The future DLC is free apparently, but is this feather free?

vikingland11729d ago

I got my code however I'm not going to buy the game. I played the demo and it's just not for me. you can tell that the game was made very well though high production value.

CEOSteveBallmer1728d ago

Can I ask for your code?? Pretty please??

Toon_Link1729d ago

That's a great idea, if I had the cash right now I'd probably pick this game up. And if they sent me this email I'd be that much closer to actually buying it.

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