GTA 5 Character Trailers: Hidden Details You Missed

Gameranx: "Here's what you missed with the three new GTA 5 trailers released today."

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WUTCHUGUNNADO1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Better looking strippers were a plus.

Hydrolex1902d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hydrolex1902d ago

here's something that I'm sure a lot of you missed...

Customizing cars is back ! look at the dodge charger looking car, the dark orange with black hood and nice rims... then I saw another one that was just a plain dodge charger, the white one

porkChop1902d ago

That doesn't mean there is car customization though. Remember, there was a normal Sultan in GTA IV as well as the Sultan RS. And there were other cars like the Infernus, Primo, etc, which could be seen sometimes with custom rims, spoilers, paintjobs, etc.

I mean, I really do hope that they brought back car customization. But this doesn't prove it.

RioKing1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

@Hydrolex's "immature" comment.

All in good fun :)

josephayal1902d ago

Woaa RS will max out the PS3/360 with GTA V

LOL_WUT1902d ago

The footage looks intense! Can't wait to play as Trevor and Franklin. ;)

SolidStoner1902d ago

all 3 characters looked unique to me... looked just superb.

1st one the soprano guy who visits Psychotherapy
2nd one black male living in a hood who is doing everything you could possible imagine doing it there! :)
3d one is some lonely jerk from outskirts... :D

westoftherockies1902d ago

new vegas sucked bigtime and everyone knows it, it was not the blockbuster FO3 was..the setting was static, nothing respawned, it wasn't dynamic like FO3 and mostly a lot of campgrouds with ceasers legion, ncr and powder gangers, no good battlzones...the game setting was lousy..hardly anything was on the map...mostly big dry lakebeds and a few small settlements. the next fallout game will prob have more city area than FO3 had and cities offer lots of areas for exploration. way better of an environment for a fallout game.