AU Shippin' Out March 17-21: No More Heroes

No More Heroes has been on the radar of many Wii owners for a while now and is finally making its way to Aussie retailers this Thursday. The protagonist--Travis Touchdown--lives in a motel in the city of Santa Destroy, California, and is a massive otaku fan--someone who's obsessed with Japanese anime and manga. One day, Travis wins a beam katana in an online auction and decides to become a hit man. Naturally, when he runs out of money for video games and comics, he takes on more hits and eventually finds himself on a quest to be the number one hit man, ranked by the United Assassins Association Official Manual. No More Heroes features overly stylized gore and employs a simple control scheme. Players use the A button to swing the beam katana and the B button to perform hand-to-hand actions. Motion control is used during the finishing moves to slice enemies literally in half.

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