Game Good: The Wii U is the perfect console, for me

Dali Dimovski of writes:

"Nintendo's latest console may not be for everyone, but for a niche consumer -- myself -- it nails the gaming experience. Off-tv play, accessibility, and being kid-friendly are making the console a go-to choice for my gaming needs."

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lilbroRx1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I wouldn't quite call it the perfect system for me. The offerings of the rest are shallow in comparison.

Nintendo is doing a great job.

Merrill1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

How is it perfect? It hardly offers any games at this point in its life cycle and the trend will most likely continue as it will have sparse 3rd party support.

Seems more like someone trying to justify their purchase.

Nintendo has amazing 1st party games, but at this point they're still in development.

The Wii U had/has it's window of opportunity and will lose it in about 6-7 months when actual next gen systems are released. It's a shame they didn't capitalize on this time more with loads of great content.

stragomccloud1936d ago

You mean, "other" next gen systems. The difference between the Wii U and PS4 architecture is seriously only a years worth of tech apart. Though the architecture of the Wii U's CPU is techinically better than the PS4s, the PS4 has more cores so should be able to handle things more efficiently overall. The only real advantage the PS4 has is in the RAM department.

Merrill1936d ago

The only real advantage is the RAM?? WOW. I understand loving a console you spent money on, but this is just delusional.

I want what you're smoking.

PopRocks3591936d ago

The Wii U is good in some respects and has lacked in others. Up until recently the OS was a little slow and the system unfortunately still does not have any killer app "must-have" games.

I'm optimistic though. There's a slew of games coming within the upcoming fiscal year (Mario Kart U, Zelda Wind Waker, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, etc.) so I think things can only get better from where they are now.

PigPen1936d ago

It is a perfect system. That's faith that Nintendo will iron out the little kinks. Maybe that is not fitting now and I'm jumping the gun, but I am happy.

sway_z1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Look, in spite of it all, nobody wants Nintendo to fail...but you have to admit the management team for Wii U seem to have their collective heads stuck up their jacksies.


> You're in denial Sunshine, there's an app for that :/

stragomccloud1936d ago

You're joking right? Everyone wants Nintendo to fail these days. Industry, and "gamers" alike.

sway_z1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I think the industry is more puzzled with some of the decisions Nintendo have made with Wii U.

As for 'gamers', I have no complaints about the system itself since I have not purchased a Nintendo system since Gamecube.

Can't speak for the rest of our community, but I would put my neck out and say a lot of gamers are becoming frustrated with Nintendo.

Nintendo themselves have recently commented on their own fkups, and if they're not careful they may end up as an 'also ran'.

I honestly believe a Games Industry without a Nintendo console would be a crime against gaming itself, but the management team are seriously slacking.

I predict Wii U will sell approx 30-40 million units over its lifetime. Not bad, but nowhere near what is achievable.

Hicken1936d ago

Nobody wants Nintendo to fail.

They want the gimmicks to stop. They want some more core IPs. They want the hardware to get with the times.

But people don't want them to fail.

People want Sony to fail, and Microsoft. But not Nintendo.

stragomccloud1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Nintendo has always done gimmicks though.
The D-pad was a gimmick and was hated by a lot of gamers who were used to a joystick. The analog stick and rumble packs were the n64s gimmick. The gamecube's gimmick was the analog triggers, as was the GBA connectivity. Wii was motion. Wii U was a touch screen. That said the touch screen in the middle really does add a lot, and I don't know why people are calling it gimmicky. It's one of those things where if you spend enough time with it, and then you go back to a traditional controller you find yourself thinking about how much easier certain things would be if you could just use a touch screen for certain things, or how annoyed you get switching to map screens.

People just don't like change and growth even though that is exactly what the industry needs to keep from stagnation.

murkster-dubez1936d ago

You clearly don't like playing games then.

MasterCornholio1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games and the PS4 and 720 for everything else.

musashiden1936d ago

Perfect for you? then you play it... i´ve better consoles to play with

mcstorm1936d ago

The Wiiu is a great console but it is just lacking the exclusive games and big named ones it need for propel to buy it.

For my Wiiu I have mariou, zombieu, Lego city, cod bo2, Tekken tag 2, Nintendo land and sonic all star racers 2. Now all of theses games are fun games to play depending on the mood im in but the 3rd party games I have are not games that would make gamers go out and buy a Wiiu because they can get it on a console they own so why would anyone go out and spend £300 to play the same game on there current console.

Once e3 is over and we see what Nintendo have to offer we will see what shape they are going into the latter half of the year in. If the announce Mario kart, super smash bros, fzero, Zelda or Metroid these type of games will start to move more consoles.

The ps4 and next Xbox will be in the same boat as the Wiiu when they come out if they only have 3 exclusives and then loads of games that are on there current consoles as well.

Myst1936d ago

I better see an F-Zero! I was hoping the Wii would have one or the 3DS; I was actually quite surprised neither one had it so my fingers crossed on this one.

mcstorm1936d ago

I agree ide love to see fzero on the 3ds and Wii. Loved the cube version and ide love to see a hd fzero.

@hakestrman I take it you are about 10 and the ps3 was your 1st console as you should know from sonys console history its not about how powerful they are its about the games. Psx has less power than the n64 and the ps2 had less power than the Xbox and game cube it was only the ps3 that's been more powerful than the other consoles. Also if the ps4 has poor games then it will not sell well. If you think kill zone is a system seller then you really have no clue about gaming.

The ps4 looks an impressive peace of kit but we still don't know some of the most important things about the console like price, if you have to have ps+ to access some of the online content. What games will be out for it on day one and how much these games will be.

Rather than start being a fan boy and ranting on comments try using your brain before saying something like this and also become a gamer and enjoy all the consoles we are given us as then you will see what gaming is about and then give your views on which is the better console for you.

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