[GAMINGtruth] Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

GAMINGtruth writes:
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon may be a bit confusing to some, especially if you are expecting this game to be a direct tie-in, or expansion, to Far Cry 3 which came out in December. It is almost as if Blood Dragon was more about poking fun at the shooter genre while utilizing Far Cry’s stellar game engine and control schemes. Blood Dragon is a stand-alone title and will not require you to won or have played Far Cry 3 to play.

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KODxfactor1973d ago

This was an awesome Review! Great Stand alone game!

DeejayKnight1973d ago

Great review! Now, to actually finish Far Cry 3 so I can get to this DLC! :D

LackTrue4K1973d ago

This is not DLC, you don't need FarCry 3 to play this. :)

DeejayKnight1967d ago

I know, I just consider it DLC and don't want to get it until I complete the game. :P

Cam_is_16bit1973d ago

Game sounds like a lot of fun