Nintendo: More advertising doesn't increase hardware sales

Despite the Wii U's marketing being panned by nearly everyone, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata says that he doesn't think increasing their advertising budget will help hardware sales.

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konnerbllb1906d ago

Yeah because letting consumers know about your new product is not important. People think the WiiU is a new controller. If there is one thing they need it's advertising that educates consumers!

MariaHelFutura1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I'll agree. But I'll say this... Microsoft advertised the sh!t out of the 360 and it didn't win this generation. Advertising is nice, but understanding the industry and having substance is what pulls through in the end. Wouldn't you agree?

As for the Wii U, it needs substance more than advertising at this point.

mrbojingles1906d ago

That advertising did nail them almost 80 million units sold and a lot of favor with third parties, and having big games like COD sell better on Xbox consistently.

At this moment, the Wii U doesn't look like it will hit half the sales of the 360 with this marketing.

kreate1906d ago

I kind of view the wii as a lucky hit.

Also agree with bogingles that advertising nailing 80m units sold as well as cod selling better.

Its also why kinect sold very well.
Advertising is to brainwash ppl.

But u cant based a console's lifetime sales based on the first 6 months of sales.

U have to give the wii-u til christmas, at least.

If 18 months go by with no sign of life in the console, than..... thats a fail right there.

Dj7FairyTail1906d ago

You're missing the point of Nintendo Systems.

Getting consumers hands on Wii U will make them buy it.
Not commercials.

Store Demos, Events Hand-On and others playable games areas will make people buy it.

If Nintendo creates their own press event and invite anyone there for free to try out their systems and games it will sell more.

Why did the Wii sell a lot because of the system appeal.

Why did PS1 and PS2 sells a lot because of the exclusive third parties games.

Why is 3DS selling a lot because of the system appeal and games as well as DS.

It has nothing to do with advertising.

Advertising only work for launch to let consumer know something is new.

Hicken1906d ago

I think that's the point of anyone's consoles.

I know you think Nintendo is Jesus, but be objective for a second here: the Wii U isn't exactly well known. It DOES need more advertising, but not JUST more. It also needs BETTER advertising. People need to know what the hell the damn thing is.

Advertising is the best way to do that.

Dj7FairyTail1905d ago

Uh it sold about 200,000 less than PS3 in same time span and sold more than 360 in same time span

Wii U awareness is the same as PS3 and 360 during it time.

sherimae24131906d ago

a good marketing is needed, to aware consumers that the wii u is a new console..
and also more games nintendo, pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 should have been released by now..

mrbojingles1906d ago

Delays are delays. They shouldn't have been released by now if they aren't finished. It sucks, but the right thing to do is delay them to (hopefully) improve quality

Root1906d ago

Iwata is crazy. You guys failed twice to show off what the Nintendo Wii U was and could do, two E3's in a took them a Nintendo Direct near launch to actually esbalish it enough but even then the people watching the direct conference was mostly Nintendo die hard fans who would of bought it either way.

....and people wonder why there is "so many doom and gloom" articles. Nintendo keep digging themselves into a bigger hole as far as I'm concerned

weekev151906d ago

To be fair, I love my WiiU but given the relatively sparse library of games we have just now, it makes sense to hold off on a major advertising campaign until there is more to show off.

Once 3d Mario, mario kart U, windwaker, yoshi etc are all out Id expect to see Nintendo ramping up the advertising campaign.

AJBACK2FRAG1906d ago

I've said before that if Nintendo released Super Mario 64 2 they'd be back in the money printing business!

lilbroRx1906d ago

Just an FYI, this article took his words out of context(once again). He did not say that "advertising" doesn't increase hardware sales. They wouldn't do it at all if that were the case.

He said "he sees no reason to increase their advertising budget".

mrbojingles1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

They need better ads for Wii U

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