Mind Of The Geek | Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon review

Ubisoft Montreal has created one of the most fully realized and perfectly represented love-letters to the 1980′s. With a perfect blend between visuals, audio, and writing, Blood Dragon is a brilliant parody and an awesome action game. It is well worth the low asking price, and can easily stand on it’s own without the Far Cry brand.

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Brawler1853d ago

Most fun ive had playing a game in awhile :D

3-4-51853d ago

seems like a type of game that would be awesome if it was what you were into at the time.

Brawler1853d ago

I love old school action movies and this game just does it all. I won't even lie I pirated it played the first two levels was blown away and pre-purchased it on steam. Cant wait for tomorrow :D

finbars751853d ago

I agree Brawler.Just cant get enough of this game.Its pretty solid all around.Love the comments throughout the game,so raunchy and so cheesy but very epic the way it was done.I feel as though ubisoft is trying really hard to give gamers what they want and thats a whole lot of action packed cyber fun.