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GTA V To Have The Best Characters In The Series

CheatCC says: "In order to keep us salivating, Rockstar has been furnishing fans with tiny snippets of Grand Theft Auto V. It's never enough to give us any actual information, but it's always enough to keep us interested. Drug dealers have been using this technique for hundreds of years." (Grand Theft Auto V, Industry)

Indo  +   438d ago
3 main characters. Take ur pick.
Nitrowolf2  +   438d ago
I liked all of them TBH.
Michael, the rich and powerful guys, has it all but seeks the thrill from being bad.
Franklin, the poor guy who wants what Michael has prob. but I have a feeling he'll hate what he has to do to achieve it.
Trevor the crazy drug addict who seems to not care about anything. Gives Rockstar an excuse to have crazy moments.
All of them seem great, can't argue that I felt annoyed or anything. would be terrifying is they had a main character who was like Bruce (GTA4).

I remember rockstar said that Breaking bad was an inspiration, I see that with Michael and Trevor. Heck Michael whole trailer reminded me of the show, that and the Saprano.
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SeraphimBlade  +   438d ago
They all seem really promising, but Trevor looks uncomfortably like a crack dealer version of my dad...
nick309  +   438d ago
i wish that in gta 6,niko,cj and tommy will return.

but for now this game looks amazing!!!!!
FlyingFoxy  +   438d ago
Please release on PC, 64+ player online and allow us to make our own game modes.

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