Pachter: ‘Most Publishers Would Choose To Own Call Of Duty Over GTA’

X360: GTA and Call Of Duty are two huge franchises, but industry analyst Michael Pachter believes most publishers would choose to own Activision’s shooter over Rockstar’s open world crime sim.

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Wagz221902d ago

Well yea it would make them the most money, but if they want to own a quality game then choose gta.

Dailynch1902d ago

Can't you have quality and quantity? I know you can argue that we haven't really had it yet, but surely when a game gets the balance right it will be the most powerful game ever created?!

Scenarist1896d ago

its actually because COD churns out yearly releases , more releases (in most cases) more money .. and COD's case ..yes

and at the end of the day... its all about the money!! (unfortunate for us gamers tho)

Eldyraen1902d ago

From a publisher/business standpoint its always better to make roughly $1B in sales on a yearly basis than waiting for a GTA release. So I can see where he got the crazy notion big business loves the cashflow.

GTA though is the game I would rather have on my résumé. CoD has its place and nothing against those that make/play it annually but GTA is just... more. Every game is an evolution of itself and not as much as a rehash (IMO).

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Roper3161902d ago

One is easier to copy & paste for their yearly release than the other, which is the exact reason I haven't bought a COD game in years.

Bowzabub1902d ago

Most publishers would choose to own Mario. Think this through...

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