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I’m no stranger to the world of Zeno Clash by any means. It was sort of funny that I ended up getting assigned to review this game as the first one sat comfortably uninstalled in my Steam list. I played through Zeno Clash long enough to determine that I didn’t like it very much and never gave it a second thought. There was something about the first game that didn’t particularly click with me when I gave it a go, but I thought maybe the sequel would be different. Ace Team seemed to have definitely grown financially in the time between the two games; and have secured Atlus as a publisher this time around. These are generally good signs when approaching a sequel. More money, more reach, more customers. Right? Supposing the majority of that money is spent on making a better and more satisfying game than the first, then sure. I don’t know if that’s particularly the case here though.

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