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EDGE: "Blood Dragon gets with away with this and other indulgences (its sci-fi guns can feel a bit sludgy in comparison to Brody’s conventional weapons) because of the exuberant, nostalgic fun that runs through the entirety of the game. This isn’t Far Cry 3 at its best mechanically, but it’s definitely the game at its most charismatic. Because as a bunch of well-worn VHS tapes at Ubisoft Montreal undoubtedly prove, the ’80s knew how to do personality."

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finbars751931d ago

I know I shouldnt bitch about a 7/10 but man come on this dlc for $15 is worth every penny and a higher score then that.this game offers so much more then any dlc I have played and god dam one of the greatest tributes to the 80s and 90s ever done.The humour,the dragons,lazer guns and ninja stars and smooth controllers with by far the best soundtrack in a game.9.5/10.Its a must buy and so much fun.You cant take it seriously because it literally is that much fun.That to me is a great dlc.