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GameArena: "There is no reason to buy Dead Island: Riptide. I can’t even suggest you buy it if you haven’t played the original - whether you have or not, Dead Island Riptide is not worth buying. With the all new and exciting bugs Techland have added, you are paying seven times as much for a worse version of the game. There was some speculation when Riptide was first announced whether it would be an expansion or a video game. It is neither - Dead Island: Riptide is an insult."

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ChrisW1967d ago

When it becomes 75% off during the STEAM Summer Sales, I'll most definitely buy it.

konnerbllb1967d ago

I'll pay 15-20.. hopefully steam will have it on sale this holiday.

MestreRothN4G1967d ago

Fun fact: ultra stupid reviewers will never be more than this.
For some extreme losers, there is justice in the world.

digitalkid1966d ago

Reviewers gone mad? O_o
Riptide is Awesome!