Why Respawn Entertainment Should Not Make Their Game Xbox Exclusive

Rumors that Respawn Entertainment will release their first game on Xbox-only have circulated. However, it would be a bad move for the devs.

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Munky1934d ago

I think its to late for that. According to the rumors the deal has been signed for quite some time now.

EVILDEAD3601934d ago

It's a great move and the game has potential to become a go-to franchise for the Nextbox.

If this ends up true MS already has a big line-up for the Next few years.


joab7771934d ago

Its a great move for respawn if they are worried about its success. Coming off CoD must be very difficult, especially with next gen coming. MS payed a ton for this so its worth it. Its very risky for MS actually.

Mayne Respawn would hav been smarter to sign an exclusive content or timing deal like Bungie did with Playstation. My guess is that eventually it will go everywhere if its successful. The flip is a little odd, Activision making deals with PS and EA with MS.

Now come the real question. What up with the CoD and Battlefield franchises. Have they flipped too? Will we see EA on stage at MS show and Activision at E3 with the PS4?

kreate1933d ago

Xbox fanboys starting to pop out again :)
Now that positive rumors are coming out, this should level the playing field here on n4g.

Its a great move on Microsoft's part.
Why make games urself when u can pay other ppl to make it for u?

Im sure they would announce other gears level games at e3.

Microsoft isnt stupid, they do more market research than sony does.

I wonder what else they got up their sleeve. Surprise us Microsoft ;)

JeffGUNZ1933d ago

@ Kreate

I don't know how to take your comment, but to me, I really could care less if the game was from MS first party studio or a third party they paid for. As long as I own the system and I can play it, that's really all that matters at the end of the day.

AngelicIceDiamond1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I only thought MS would have some exclusive content for this game.

An exclusive would be great, MS needs it.

iamlegend99991933d ago

Wow xbox finally getting another exclusive and now people are like don't do it. How do you think we feel about not having uncharted and infamous on xbox huh?

hkgamer1933d ago

uncharted and infamous are made by first party so that doesnt count.

its more like Sony losing Insomniac studios, or From software keeping the demons soul franchise with Sony and then release pretty much a sequel to that game but call it "Dark" souls so that they are not the same franchise.

MS published Gears and they seem to keep good relations with epic, maybe they could do the same with respawn and keep getting exclusive games from them.

It's sad for alot of Sony fans I guess, but since I don't really like FPS's that much it doesn't affect me too much.

OmegaSlayer1933d ago

Third parties going exclusive is worse for every player, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.
The publishers are not in such a good shape to lose potential money skipping platforms.

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GamerElite1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Who cares. PS3 already have a lot of exclusives and developers are already working on games for PS4

FATALVISI0N1934d ago

I dont get what the fuss is about. It's an exclusive new IP game from a new developer. And it's a FPS which is are a dime a dozen. So I dont get where this should convince me to buy an Xbox over the PS4 and I'm a 360 gamer, but I'm ditching Xbox and getting a PS4! I dont care that this is an exclusive just to Next Box if the rumor is true and the PS4 doesnt need for this not to be an exclusive. The PS4 is backed enough by their own AWESOME exclusives. And developers are loving the new PS4. There will be many great exclusives for the PS4 better then the mindless run and gun shooter Red Spawn will dish out.

JeffGUNZ1933d ago

Perhaps because these guys were the backbone to COD4MW, which was the best COD ever and the series has fallen since they left. These people shaped the FPS genre this generation and produced one of the most successful franchises of all time. COD was always "good", but once COD4 came out, it elevated it to an entire new level where many other studios have tried desperately to copy and paste their formula but have not even come close. I am sure MS has seen this game in action and know it's going to be huge. Respawn has been working on this game since MW2 era, which was about 3 years ago. This game has not been rushed and is rumored to be a blockbuster title. You won't see much of this till E3, according to respawn, they plan to show the game there.

Sevir1934d ago

Why not? If its good for them and EA from a business stand point then have it, this multiplatform business will continue, besides Exclusives make a console worth owning, and serves as a defining factor.

Console gaming would be boring if they all had the same software.
Seriously why is everyone getting up in arms because of a rumor that isnt being confirmed or denied by either party.

Besides we all know, MS could use all the exclusives they can get, compared to Sony and Minty they have barely anything to write home about, I'd hate to see the next Xbox to be defined as the system of multiplatform software. It's not a big deal. Bring on E3 and May 21st.

Muerte24941934d ago

hardly does exclusives. If this was a deal signed then I bet my bottom dollar that Microsoft is the publisher. There is no way EA's doing an exclusive especially when they have a chance to get more money. Name an exclusive EA has done in the past decade?

Sevir1933d ago

And I'm not saying It's gonna happen, was just saying that I have no issues with it, We know EA doesn't do exclusives.... Often. But If this rumor pans out to be true, then it was deemed profitable for EA, Respawn and Microsoft from a business standpoint.

It's a rumor none-the-less and it hasn't been confirmed or denied, So getting up in arms over something which generally seems unlikely due to EA's business practices in the past.

But something to consider, the rumor states this is An Xbox 360 and Next Gen Xbox exclusive, which by definition Multiplatform since its rumored to be released for, So there's 2 markets that would likely cause EA to consider this deal, better still its shooter, and shooters generally sell better on the Xbox platform, so that could be a possible reason why EA may consider it. But I'm just speculating at the possible outcomes on this rumor.

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