Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review -

IncGamers Peter Parrish takes on UbiSoft's Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

"Ubisoft’s not-actually-an-April-Fools-jo ke-after-all project is peppered with references to 1980s action films like Robocop, Predator, Aliens and Escape from New York, but isn’t exactly trying to be any of those. Blood Dragon’s focus is on nabbing the parts it likes (Robocop’s pistol sound, a helicopter turret sequence set to “Long Tall Sally,” frying critter eggs with a flamethrower, a lone hero imprisoned in a hostile space) and mashing them up with SNES style letterbox cut-scenes, aspects of a fictional Saturday morning cartoon designed to push action figures (albeit one with swearing) and a bit of meta-commentary on videogames."

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