Episode 48 of Twizzcast - "A Blizzard Crash Course"

This week is our first week covering ALL THINGS Blizzard and it was AWESOME! Hota's computer took a huge poo all over his desk and he was not able to join us for our first big episode so we were fortunate to have JR Cook the lead editor of Blizzplanet come back and hang with us the entire episode!

Starting the show, we cover our week in gaming and how both Twizz and Reb have a LOT to learn in the way of Starcraft.

We are proud to announce that the entire Blizzplanet team is going to Blizzcon! We certainly hope to see you there so make sure you're looking for the Blizzplanet shirts and say hello!

Following our week in gaming we cover a large percentage of the Developer Q & A that Blizzard had done exactly 30 minutes before we started recording so everything was still fresh in our minds!

After the Q & A we discussed more blue post news such as th xp nerf from 86-90, the drop in lesser charms of good fortune, how AND why Blizzard is introducing the "Bad Robot" pet in 5.3...

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