GameStick's Dubstep Trailer Shows Off The "Future of Big Screen Portable Gaming"

What’s a trailer nowadays without dubstep?

GameStick’s new trailer may not be able to answer that question, but it does answer any questions about how the GameStick works (for anyone who hasn’t kept up with coverage on the device).

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if years from now this type of thing could handle file sizes as big as what we have on current could be the future.

caseh1877d ago

They already do I guess, portable storage in the form of SD cards etc

DeadlyFire1877d ago

Tech is decent for your pocket, but consoles will always be a mile ahead of portable gaming like this and PC will be another mile or two ahead of that. Doesn't mean it can't inspire a new Andriod market for games though. If NVIDIA gets high quality ARM desktop chips to market up to par with x86 then the future is very bright for this type of tech in its sequels. Not all games are about graphics.

I think out of the three Android consoles OUYA likely will be most popular followed by Gamestick, and OTON in last place.

hadouken0071877d ago

Looks like a decent controller, but the placement of the analog stick turns me off.

sway_z1877d ago

Interesting piece of mobile gaming tech. The graphics on that water based stunt racer game reminded me of Waverace on Gamecube.

I won't support it because I already have a S3 phone which can do all the games with ease. But a cheap solution for those who like this sort of thing.

boing11877d ago

Looks better than Ouya.

r211877d ago

Probably, but both have dumb names. We present you the Ooooooh yaaa and the Game Stick!

Those arent really enticing names :L

isarai1877d ago

Love how simple this is, great for when you're away from home but near a TV and feel like playing something that won't kill your phone in 30mins or less

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