Killer is Dead Gets Sexy Nurses, Lovely Musicians, New Screenshots and a Trailer

If you’re eagerly waiting for Killer is Dead, today’s your lucky day, as Deep Silver just sent a new press release with quite a lot of interesting info and assets for you to enjoy.

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Cimboke1518d ago

These nurses are hard to resist.

Abriael1518d ago

I'd guess that's the whole point lol

majiebeast1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

1 thing is certain, it looks like a Suda51 game.

Moerdigan1518d ago

I think I like the graphics engine. Kind of anime pulp.

Abriael1518d ago

Yep, I completely agree with that. It looks like a much more advanced version of what powered No More Heroes. The style is very similar, even if softer.

jagstatboy1518d ago

The politicians are going to love this game.

Abriael1518d ago

And the game press pundits too. Wait until the dude that started the Dragon's Crown controversy notices it.

maniacmayhem1518d ago


Guess the artist will have to apologize for that.

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