Forza 2 March Car Pack Details and Car List

Wednesday 19th March marks the release of a new downloadable content pack for Forza Motorsport 2. With 13 stunning new and customisable rides being added to the game's robust 340+ car line up. Planet Xbox 360 has the full car listing.

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Blademask3718d ago

Nothing against this.. but this story keeps getting posted over and over and over.

DarkSniper3718d ago

Dark Sniper predicts no one will partake in this lame update. With over 50 million units sold, the Gran Turismo series is undeniably the more superior racer which fits to every person's preference. Those who own Forza have already been convinced that it is time to WELCOME CHANG3 and purchase themselves a PLAYSTATION® 3 with Gran Turismo 5. Garbage is no longer acceptable and Xbox 360 will belong right in the same dump as 3DO and CDI.