Fable 2 release date rubbish?

After posting earlier regarding the release date of Fable 2, Akayuki quickly sent off an email to Lionhead's PR rep asking if theres any possible confirmation.

Fable fans might not like what he said.

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jay23752d ago

End of September guys.

THWIP3752d ago

Everyone knows MS will hold back Fable 2 for the X-mas holiday, along with Gears 2 and probably Too Human as well. This summer/fall will see mostly multiplatform releases, and a lot of info on unannounced exclusives. MS still haven't officially announced Project Offset, Elveon, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, All Points Bulletin, Dead Island, Warhound,Champions (MMO)...others I can't remember ATM.

TwissT3751d ago

As long as it delivers on all the promises, because what Lionhead is trying to do is very epic, so I want it as good as they can make it. So take all the time.

Numark3751d ago

I still think this game will come out some time between August - October