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realiks1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

trevor is the funniest one btw.


I belive those are your partners in crime, none a playable character (I may be wrong though, I'm not reading any articles, just watched those character introduction videos, trying to avoid spoilers)... Anyway, I want the crime professional hole to play, maybe an ex-military or something in the lines of the Transporter, sure I don't wanna play the rich bastard, the gangsta brother nor the crazy psycopath, although it would indeed make one hell of a team.

Rumor1973d ago

dogs, bikes, helicopters, trains, gangs, female cops, rednecks, tractors, atvs, graphics..... the list just goes on! i cannot wait!!

FragMnTagM1973d ago


You really haven't read anything have you?

All three of them are the main characters of the game and you can switch between them at will.

Septic1973d ago

I really have to take my hats off to Rockstar; they are in a league of their own. The visuals, the acting, the dialogue, the action, the characters....Rockstar just pull it off with such class and make it look effortless.

Pintheshadows1973d ago

Haha. Oh Bishop, bless you. Go read the Game Informer preview.

irepbtown1973d ago

I'm just amazed at where each one lives, different part of the city, completely different environment. It's awesome how they have the 'rich' homes (Michael), the 'Hood' (Franklin), and then the outskirts, hillbilly like, (Trevor).

September 17th seems like a long long way ahead. Hopefully games like the Last of Us will keep me occupied.

SonyWarrior1973d ago

I knew since they showed the characters that trevor would be the best one


@FragMnTagM and Pintheshadows

Yup, when I said I had not readed anything about it that's exactly what I meant.

@Back on topic...

I see I got a lot of disagrees (which is fine) but I'm really half disappointed here... It's not that I don't like the characters, in fact I still think they make one hell of a team and I see how a story would only get richier by that mix, but I just wanted a new point of view... I don't see the crazy guy adding a lot as far as playable characters goes, we had seen 'em before, just not played as one. And the other two feel a lot like Vercetti (with a family) and CJ.

They may work really well if there's some multiplayer involved but I just want a new point of view for the single player experience and I guess the emotionless professional hitman/driver/security expert would greatly complement that bank robbing gang.

We had the emotionless Claude before but not only he was mute, the story on GTA was not even close to how complex it started to get after Vice City.

Also I would love a "build your character" aproach from scratch, I enjoy making myself on games (call me narcissist if you will... I do).

It doesn't mean I won't enjoy it just because those are the characters, I'll just suck it up and escape police chases on a dirtbike or unleash my rottweiler at rival criminals, probably end up having just as much fun (but enough spoilers for me).

slapedurmomsace1973d ago

@frag...dude says he didn't read it, and doesn't want any spoilers, and you call him out for not reading it and than giving him a spoiler. And yet somehow you get all the agrees..and he hasn't none.

gedapeleda1973d ago

What I really liked about it was the contrast between those characters.
I liked franklin the most because of the atmosphere then trevor because it's just crazy.

humbleopinion1972d ago


Are you serious? Michael is nothing like Vercetti, nor any other character I had a chance to play in a GTA game (or outside it, I think). Playing a rich 40 years in mid-life crisis with a wife and two kids? I'm all in.

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Outsider-G1973d ago

This game is going to be epic! :)

GdaTyler1973d ago

lol why the disagrees?

Anyways, this game looks like a big step up from GTA IV. I expect to get a perfect score, no less.

Biohazard88601973d ago

So many disagrees but be Butt hurt nintendo drones

twosolitudes1973d ago

A++++ 11/10 Would wait for again.

SolidStoner1973d ago

who cares about disagrees! dont you see this game looks phenomenal! I just cant wait even more now!

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Lior1973d ago

Its only 5 months away (WTF)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PRHB HYBRiiD1973d ago

Assuming they don't delay the game..i would be seriously pissed.

Hydrolex1973d ago

I hope they delay it till Nov and release it with PS4 with better performance and graphics

jony_dols1973d ago

They wouldn't delay the game any further when the next gen-consoles are so close to release.

GTA 5 & TLOU are a hell of a sendoff!

irepbtown1973d ago

I would think part of the delay would be because they want to release it on PS4. Pure guess, hopefully they can have it on PS3 (September) and then PS4 for its Launch.

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Pushagree1973d ago

This generation will not end for me until I have finished this game. The characters look so complex and varied, way better than anything Saints Row could ever do.

BiggCMan1973d ago

There's always this one person ^ Many people seem to not understand that the only similarities between these series' is that they are open world shooters.

Saints Row never tried to be GTA or beat GTA, it is its own game, very over the top which Rockstar clearly wanted to move away from years ago. Why can we not enjoy both?

Syntax-Error1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

There's always one in the crowd. Saints Row tried to distance themselves just as GTA tried to distance themselves. Being a free roaming sandbox game is the only similarity. That's like yesterday people were comparing WATCH DOGS to GTA. How in the hell did they come up with that crap?

For the people wanting gameplay videos....HAS RAOCKSTAR EVER LET YOU DOWN? They always deliver. I would buy a Rockstar game without seeing the damn title because their brand stands above the rest.

AnAncientTree1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@BiggCman "the only similarities between [GTA and Saints Row] is that they are open world shooters."

Come on now. Thats the only similarity you caught between the first Saints Row and GTA San Andreas? The genre? Are you kidding me? I know the SR series now has evolved into something of it's own but if you think the FIRST Saints Row game didn't try to, at least somewhat, be like San Andreas then you're in staright denial. But I agree, SR never tried to actually beat GTA because they knew better.

TheFamous11973d ago

I think I'll be skipping over the next gen console releases in order to continue playing this amazing game!

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Root1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Rednecks are always funny

Guess he's the character I'll play the most with....should of just used him as the main character. Three characters was unnecessary

Anyway noticed the gang Franklin is in wears green and the enemies gang wears purple.....grove street and the ballas anyone ?

RedDeadLB1973d ago

Franklin's also wearing the same outfit Luis Lopez wears in GTA IV TBOGT in a couple of shots.

The design in this game looks absolutely superb, much smoother and better looking than GTA IV ever was in all it's iterations. Makes me wonder - if GTAIV ran like crap on consoles - what the hell will this do to them?!

-GametimeUK-1973d ago

I will save Trevor til last then. I'm about to watch the trailers now.

Old school GTA chant incoming!


PRHB HYBRiiD1973d ago

Franklin reminds me of CJ
But if is true that u can swap characters any time i will be using Trevor all the time, im sure he will have the funniest lines.

AngelicIceDiamond1973d ago

I hope they have 3 player Co op story.

porkChop1973d ago

They haven't announced yet whether the game will feature coop or not, but it would be awesome if it did.

yess1973d ago

I am watching it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and writing this comment and going to watch it again and again and........

nthstew1973d ago

Trevor looks awesome ..........

SPAM-FRITTER-1231973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Trevor reminds me of Boyd Crowder from Justified.

Gonna be sweet game GTA5

cannon88001973d ago

"Do you want me to get my dick out again?" Trevor

Eamon1973d ago

i lol'd so hard at that.

Neo-Axl1973d ago

"Grrrr Nice new tits by the way" haha!

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majiebeast1973d ago

Yet again no gameplay im suspicious at this point even RDR had shown gameplay at this point.

Arai1973d ago

Rockstar never shows gameplay in their trailers, but everything is in-game in their trailers.

DavidMacDougall1973d ago

GTA4 didnt show any gameplay until the day before release

LarVanian1973d ago

There was plenty of gameplay in those trailers. It was just shown through the cinematic camera.

indubitably1973d ago

Rockstar is playing their strengths. It is going to be hard to outdo the Watch Dogs gameplay demos at this point so might as well load up on cinematic trailers.


R* are doing what they have always done... I mean really, some of you are talking like you only just started playing R* games yesterday..

Go take a look at some of the old GTA trailers and tell me R* is worried about Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs looks great don't get me wrong, but it still has to prove itself as a new IP. Ubisoft have shown plenty of trailers and demos that looked great and turned out to be average at best. The first Watch dogs demo was awesome but after seeing the second one, well it took me a step back a little.

This GTA looks like it will be the best yet and maybe have the best balance between fun missions, crazy stuff to do and a great story. GTA 4 really only lacked in the "crazy stuff" department and even then the two expansions showed that R* knew what to add back.

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

Ok. Here's the thing. Watch Dogs will do NOTHING to GTA.

GTA is a monster. It's well polished, has great gameplay, and most importantly, is loved by both fans of the series/hardcore players, and casuals.

GTA has the best balance between doing random s*** and having an engaging and fun storyline through missions.

So, while Watch Dogs does have some hype, GTA is a monster that cannot be contained.

Also, have you seen how hyped people are by just the story? Gameplay will undoubtedly be great, and this looks to be the true sequel to San Andreas, although IV was pretty fun IMO.

A2X_1973d ago

They did the same with pretty much every GTA game. guess what? they're all amazing games.

famoussasjohn1973d ago

It was in-engine. You can expect what you saw to be about the same for actual gameplay.

JeromeNtheHouse1973d ago


What r u suspcious of? The trailers you just watched are all in-game engines. If you've played any GTA or RDR for that matter, then you already know what kind of gameplay you can expect.

TheFamous11973d ago

Dude.. it's a GTA game.. I think we have a good idea how the game is going to play.

porkChop1973d ago

Actually they did show gameplay. Some of it was shown through the cinematic camera, and there's a couple seconds of driving using the hood cam.

Cherchez La Ghost1972d ago

I'll tell you what, Sunshine. Get back to the rest of us when the game comes out. We'll give you feedback. Savvy?!

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Arai1973d ago

Bad ass!
This is going to be my first GTA title (haven't played open world games before except for Far Cry 3).

MooseWI1973d ago

Pick up the others one, they're all good.

DS361973d ago

You poor deprived soul. You definealty should try to play the whole series. Vice City and San Andreas are my favorites.

BattleTorn1973d ago

That's soo sad :(. I feel like I should insist you play the entire series of GTAs, Fallouts, ElderScolls, and more - but fear that they all might be too old these days. (esp. in comparison to Far Cry 3, love that game!)

I would say Red Dead Redemption is still worth a shot!!! (or Skyrim!)

MrDead1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

There are no bad GTA's get them all.

You will also be introduced to the king, LAAAAAAZLOW!

This GTA looks set to be gaming nirvana.

kupomogli1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I'd disagree that there's no bad GTA game. Opinion only, but I never liked the series until San Andreas, then GTA4.

On the early GTA games I never got anywhere. I could only play them a couple of hours before I got bored. GTA3 and Vice City though, the broken mechanics are what killed those games.

I liked the Driver games better than the GTA games. San Andreas was the first I really liked and think it's the only past GTA better than all the Driver titles except for Parallel Lines. Scarface the World is Yours came out later and it's better than all the Driver titles and San Andreas(although the small map sucks.)

This gen it's The Saboteur/GTA4 > Saints Row the Third. Saints Row 2 has good gameplay mechanics, but a bad game. I think GTA5 will be better than all of them though.

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NYC_Gamer1973d ago

I'll enjoy playing as that crazy trailer park hillbilly