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Polygon: "It takes a sizable commitment to uncover the dark, captivating mythology of Soul Sacrifice underneath its grind-heavy beginnings. Whether unlocking the mysteries of its story or plumbing the depths of its magic systems, the experience is weighed down by a reliance on dull combat mechanics. Its complex, interlocking systems and the draw of cooperative multiplayer can't save Soul Sacrifice from its greatest sin: tedious gameplay."

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majiebeast1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

It doesnt have always online like Simcity so no 9 for Soul Sacrifice. Polygon the national enquirer of gaming same guys that gave Ninokuni a 6.5.

So take it with a few mountains of salt. "Written by Micheal Mcwhertor" Oh yeah im out that guy has no credibility.

dedicatedtogamers1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


"I loved the customization. I loved the spells. I loved the lore. I loved the art style. But I couldn't get a hang of the combat because I kept mashing the buttons and I didn't win, so...6.5 out of 10"

The review is just plain bad.

"It's a tedious exercise in casting spell upon spell at monsters until they drop."

Yeah, and shooters are just a tedious exercise in shooting bullet after bullet until the enemy drops, and yet you still gave Bioshock Infinite a perfect 10 (zinger!) I mean, seriously. What was expected? This is a boss-hunting game.

" combat is often jamming on buttons in a mind-numbing grind."

Yeah, jamming on buttons will get you nowhere. Unless, of course, the author based the review on the first 30 minutes of the game, which seems likely.

And was the online component even mentioned? Of course, it's no big deal that this game is the only boss-hunting game on handhelds that offers full online multiplayer with virtually no lag, right? Yeah, let's just leave that out.

oof461816d ago

Different people reviewed Infinite and Soul Sacrifice. McWhertor reviewed Soul Sacrifice and Arthur Gies reviewed Infinite.

majiebeast1816d ago

Both Gies and McWhertor are shills.

I remember Gies saying there was no way Simcity could have worked offline, 2 weeks later offline mod/crack appears

yesmynameissumo1816d ago

They'll change the review score once they get their free DLC codes. They just haven't checked their email yet.

sherimae24131817d ago

i cant believe it.... tedious gameplay....
and you even say "i have more fun in menus than in the battlefield" seriously?
well i know this type genre are not suited to some peoples tastes but can you atleast judge the game on its own merits and avoid being compared to mh.

ok im going email or tweet inafune-san and tell him that
soul sacrifice 2 should be an open-world game :p

LoveOfTheGame1817d ago

I find the menus to be extremely addictive looking for fuses and any combinable offerings, so I take that line as more of a compliment to the additional fun the menus provide to the whole game.

I find most reviews to have too much bias whether they are looking at a comparable game, previous installment, or just don't get the genre.

So excited for this game, getting out of work early to get it.

sherimae24131817d ago

what i like about the menus are the lore and the backstory of those poor souls that turned into monsters ^_^

LoveOfTheGame1817d ago

I always wanted to look more into the lore, but that multiplayer is addictive as hell.

izumo_lee1817d ago

I really think the games deep learning curve are throwing some of these reviewers off. If they aren't able to take the time to understand the 'magic system' & the games mechanics they are probably not gonna enjoy this game.

From the impression i got from the demo this game requires patience & since these reviewers are on a deadline they might not have any to fully appreciate the games lore & gameplay.

Also stop this comparing this game to MH cause it is not. If you really think about it even the great MH is repetitive & tedious with its combat. Soul Sacrifice tries to be different by focusing on the lore/story to accommodate the battles. There is a price to pay for every action just like in life. That alone makes me appreciate this game more than i do MH.

C-Thunder1816d ago

I'm really enjoying this game and I have to agree with you on the Monster Hunter comparisons. These two games may be the same genre, but that's about where the similarities end, this game feels nothing like Monster Hunter.

I do still think Monster Hunter is the superior game though.

H4all1817d ago

User play.. and they have positive experience about this game...

a good title on vita.. great approaching to vita..
i have many friend have this game..

they said.. it's was awesome game, great hunting..
i spent more than 24 hour after get this game-card..

well if you believe of complain people review..
it's they thought... i don't care..

play it.. experience it... you will know..
how awesomeness is this game...

happy hunting to all... ^^

andibandit1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Nice propaganda, i believe the North Korean government is hiring.....on another note, most reviews rate this an 7.5, so i'll pass.

H4all1816d ago

bro fumitsu give more than IGN..
same goes to thevitalounge
Fumitsu The magazine has given a total of
37 out of 40 (10/9/9/9) Soul Sacrifice

you know what collin IGN say it's a fun game..
he admit it on the comment of the review..

i play it.. so i know how awesome is this game..

one2thr1817d ago

I spent more than 25 hours on the demo alone, no other demo has ever made me do that... And that's why I'm getting dressed right now to purchase me a copy of this game...

Question: is the "whispers" feature enabled now, cause im assuming that's voice chat for the game?

one2thr1816d ago

How am I a lair when, I have 2-3 stars on most of my spells, and on top of that I can summon 3 power of spirit golems and.... Nevermind, friend request me andd I'll show you

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