Dead Island Riptide, it's been 72 hours (Goozernation)

Its been almost a week since Dead Island Riptide released. Reviews are out and for the most part they are positive. GoozerNation has spent 72 hours with the game and wants to say its been worth every penny. What’s new so far? What’s different? What makes this series so much fun?

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JimmyJames701785d ago

Oblivion, but with zombies? I don't know about that.

MestreRothN4G1785d ago

Actually, this game has a combat over barely decent, so no.

konnerbllb1785d ago

Combat is good actually if you enjoy good games. Looks like you missed the mark pal.

Avalon931785d ago

"Reviews are out and for the most part they are positive"...Umm, say what? On Metacritic, the highest version of the game, PC, is at 65%.That's not exactly what I would call "positive"

Salooh1785d ago

Story is crap. However gameplay is alright. Normal game. I don't play online so no co-op. So i can't judge it since it's famous for it's co-op..

die_fiend1785d ago

As dull in co op as otherwise. Really buggy (try climbing down a ladder from the top and see what that looks like), appalling story, weak gunplay at best, poor graphics. What's to like? Glad I rented for sure

Salooh1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

True. But i played worst. So i consider this game a normal game. Just to waste time. I wouldn't buy it if my brother didn't like zombie..

What's to like?
Zombies, lol..

Metro looks promising though. Hope you support it or at least rent it :)

Cirran1785d ago

I'm having a blast with a couple of friends. The terrible story, voices and character animations just make the game better in our opinion. Its so funny.

samekratos1784d ago

im getting mine tomorrow.