Are Ubisoft The Best 3rd Party Developer In The World? All the way back in in 1986 a man named Yves Guillemot fresh out of completing his business studies launched Ubisoft Entertainment alongside his four brothers. The company wasn’t so much known for their games but rather for their role as a publisher who distributed games for the likes of Electronic Arts if you can believe that. Initially Ubisoft were only distributing games in France where the company was originally set up but eventually branched out into other territories such as North America.

It wasn’t until the early 90′s that Ubisoft began developing their own games, I think the original Rayman is perhaps the earliest memory most will have of Ubisoft. It was a little cute 2D platformer with plenty of charm, probably one of the childhood games you grew up with if you’re currently in your 20′s. Since then Ubisoft has continued to grow both as a publisher and as an upcoming developer.

If I had to pick a specific point in time when Ubisoft started to turn heads it would have to be 2002′s Splinter Cell.

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Da Ill One1937d ago

Not as long as a company called Rockstar exists they aren't...

Mr-SellJack1937d ago

no just no they're excellent but just don't offer much variety in their games that will stand to all audiences,and about a game every year now that's just sad

phantomexe1937d ago

Theres a reason for that, fans of AC want it. AC universie is to big for 1 game ever 2 years. Each game is unique so if you don't like this you may like that. Each story is different but links a bigger story. I love it and can't wait for AC4.

omi25p1937d ago

Variety? They have killed almost every major franchise they have this generation.

Splinter Cell is ruined
Ghost Recon is ruined
Assassins Creed is milked

Watch dogs is really the only thing they have going for them at the moment.

Rockstar have been faultless from start to finish this generation.

BattleAxe1936d ago

At times Ubisoft seems like they have the best games out there, but then they do things like screw up the resolution on Rainbow six Vegas for PS3 where if the game is being played on any resolution other than 720p, the picture looks fuzzy. They also have bad server/ connection issues with most of their games.

The biggest problem with Ubisoft is that they rarely fix major issues with any of their games. Its too bad, because if their games worked properly, I would go so far as to say that they are definitely in the top 3 for game developers.

FunkMacNasty1936d ago

@ omi25p

I would have to disagree that Ubi ruined Splinter Cell.. SC:Conviction gets bashed alot around here, but If youre a true splinter cell fan, you likely enjoyed Conviction. It brought a lot of closure to Sam and Grim's story and had a nice little plot twist in the middle. And contrary to what evreyone around here says it WAS a STEALTH based game, with the exception of 1 or 2 deliberately scripted action sequences, where you are forced into duck-and-cover gunfights. Other than that, 95% of the game was classic splinter cell, with a few new and improved gameplay mechanics

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Kran1937d ago


Bit of platforming
Bit of open world
Bit of shooter
Bit of dance
Bit of assassins

Not saying they're good at what they do, but there's a lot of variety.


Lots of open world
Lots of just killing s**t

And that's Rockstar in a nutshell these days, bar Max Payne 3.

I like Rockstar, don't get me wrong, but they're just as controversial as many devs, and not in a good way.

jetlian1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Ubisoft is my favorite and has been for a few years. Rockstar is way to overrated.

I think Rockstar fans are from a generation behind me.Open world games all feel the same. Far to much traveling just to increase hours of gameplay

Lets see what ubi got that I like, SC,AC,POP,GR,RS, and FC. Possible rayman back in the day and BG&E "I have it on xbla but haven't played it yet"

EA might be 2nd lol BF,ME,MEdge,FN,and AOT

Jayjayff1936d ago

GTA has become a world of its up and has quite an outstanding universe on it, along with its satire of American culture makes me think you're not paying attention to it.

MYSTERIO3601937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

For me the top 5 are:
-Take two interactive
-Square enix

soniqstylz1936d ago

Really you could just go with Take Two.

Red Dead

Gamer19821936d ago

I think Take Two are amazing publishers but as developers they aren't great. Saying that Ubisoft are not top dog that could change next gen with games like Watch Dogs. Though with some absolute right crap games this gen its hard to pick a top 3rd party dev.

WiiUsauce1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Rockstar puts out like 1 game a year. Granted their stuffs really good, but Ubisoft is more consistent and more frequent with quality releases. I'm really looking forward to Splinter Cell Black List, Rayman Legends, Watchdogs, and Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

Even though a shitload of people hate them right now, I still love Capcom. I've been playing a crapload of Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Megaman 2&3, and Super Street Fighter IV on my 3DS recently.

Atlus and XSeed are amazingly awesome too.

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Game4life1937d ago

personally Namcobandai is my favorite :) but atlus is pretty good too :)

Lockon1937d ago

Namco Bandai sucks. They never freaking patch their Naruto Games.

Qrphe1937d ago

Out of all the options every one as put up I like your option the most.

nthstew1937d ago

then who else? :} they are better than ea ,activion ,capom combined.

icewater851937d ago

Not trolling, but I think EA has the best 3rd party games. They have quality games in every category. Dragon Age, Mass effect, Battlefield, Madden, Dead Space, Fifa, etc. They may not have the best game of that specific category, but to me they have the most quality 3rd party games.
My favorite 3rd party publishers are NIS and Atlus.

RXL1937d ago

so you prefer quantity over quality?..

meh..i prefer it the other way around...but to each their own..

chronoforce1937d ago

EA went and brought all the studio's that make their games if they had not they would still be making medal of honour and Fifa. They are far from being the best.

Gamer19821936d ago

How is picking EA picking quantity over Quality with games like Mass Effect, Red Alert, Dead Space and Dragon Age? Not to mention the niche market yet massively selling games like the sims. People may hate them but they make some cracking games!

icewater851935d ago

@RXL I stated some of the games I like that EA has come out under the EA logo.

@chronoforce so what if they bought the companies. The games still came out under EA's name, so that makes them EA games.

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Dark_Overlord1937d ago

From my experience they're not, they pull the same crap that EA, Acti etc pull, online passes, Disc Locked Content (AC2) etc etc and they have terrible customer support.

Gamer19821936d ago

This si about developing games here and about the quality of them though not the DRM etc.. If you take that on board EA has top games in nearly every category and thus for that reason has to be mentioned up top.

Dark_Overlord1936d ago

I'm sorry, but you can't just pick 1 aspect of a company when defining them as the best, you have to look at the whole picture.

Moncole1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

No. Seeing how they use Uplay for their PC games than they cant be. For a company to be the best it needs no flaws.

majiebeast1937d ago

Big publishers:Ubisoft

Smaller one's:Atlus,NIS or Xseed.

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