Call of Duty: The Top Five Levels

Info on Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to drop on 1 May, with rumours already circulating that it'll be set in the Modern Warfare universe and star Simon Riley, aka "Ghost" from Modern Warfare 2.

So as the CoD series teeters on the launch of yet another iteration, we've opted to look back at some of the finest moments from the world's best-selling game franchise.

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Ken221095d ago

Every level in MW1. Along with the MW2 level.Where "Supposively Ghost dies.

Ken221094d ago

This is the internetz not English 101.Ain't no one got time 4 perfect English...

brave27heart1094d ago

Everyone should have time for perfect English, unless it's not your first language. The reason being that it's not your lack of education letting you down it's laziness that makes people write "looool dat wyz epicz man ftw!". If people are as lazy in real life as they are on the internet then society has a serious issue.

On topic, I agree with every level on MW1. They nailed the story perfectly, then unashamedly ripped it off for MW2.

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eliteslaya131094d ago

Really enjoyed Call of Duty 2's D-Day mission, COD4's Shock and Awe, MW2's No Russian, and World at War's Heart of the Reich.

CanadianTurtle1093d ago

For me personally:

Wolverines from MW2

aceitman1093d ago

EVERY SINGLE MISSION IN CALL OF DUTY 2! Those WW2 missions are intense!