The Last Of Us is about making you think: “A single enemy can kill you, what would you really do?”

OPM: Naughty Dog lead designer Ricky Cambier has spoken about the emphasis behind The Last Of Us’ gameplay. “This [is a] world where a single enemy can kill you”, he explains, making the all important question: “What would you really have to do in this situation?”

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AkatsukiPain1971d ago

You would do what you would do in real life, you would hide & sneak around to kill or simply get around the enemy & if it gets to dangerous, you run for your freakin life. This is why i know this game will be scary as hell. Cant freakin wait to finally play the game.

Shinra Tensei

TheOneEyedHound1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Edit: Changed Mind, nuff said.

Wagz221971d ago

Solid snake is a noob? O.o

AkatsukiPain1971d ago

This aint COD lol.

Only noobz would do that. After I have beaten a game at its hardest setting, if it has an infinite ammo easter egg then ill use it for another run through but doing it just to cheat is a waste of time even buying a game just yo do it that way.

Shinra Tensei

TopDudeMan1971d ago

No, you'd put the unlimited ammo cheat on, of course.

princejb1341971d ago

That's why this game is gonna be awesome
This is what a survivor game should be like

joab7771971d ago

So its like dark souls and demon souls but with a cinematic story and gorgeous environments. Dont get me wrong, dark souls is good looking and level designs r second to none but the last of us is stunning.

I wonder how hard this game will be though and at what difficulty is it best. You can create an atmosphere and encounters but with different difficulties it can devolve into another easy on rails adventure. Having one difficulty will turn ppl off and Sony can't afford this. We will c.

Darrius Cole1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

You would....

1) Avoid every fight that you could possible avoid. That means you...
---a) Try not to be seen or heard when you move.
---b) Hide whenever possible.

2) Hoard ammo... more than enough for the next fight. That means you...
---a) Run away from enemies that you could actually defeat.
---b) Use whatever environmental advantage allows you to save ammo.

3) Make sure that you will win if you must fight. That means you...
---a) Approach every unknown person and animal with your gun drawn.
---b) Enter every room with your gun drawn and clear it when you first enter.

It's like Resident Evil 1, 2, and know, back when it was still Resident Evil. One or two zombies could kill you, unless you shot them. But ammo was scarce, and there were some enemies that required lots of bullets if you were to kill them and you never knew when or where you would encounter them. So you didn't fight every enemy. You only fought when you had to fight. And you saved your big guns for the big enemies.

Arm yourself, because no one else here will save you.

If that is what this game is, then I'm buying it on the first day.

HmongAmerican1971d ago

This game is post Apocalypse training for us. Prepare us for the real thing.

avengers19781971d ago

Reserved and eagerly awaiting release... Day one for me... Naughty Dog will not let us down.

b_one1971d ago

its risky but enemy has stuff you may need...

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violents1971d ago

This game sounds like its going to be intense, can't wait, gimme gimme!

WorldGamer1971d ago

The game mechanics kinda reminds me of Manhunt, that was also a game about strategy and separating groups of enemies to kill them. I'm really looking forward to this, can't wait.

LOGICWINS1971d ago

It would be a crime if this game didn't have online co-op. A crime I tell you!

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adorie1971d ago

Cop-Op already ruined too many franchises this gen.

What would you say if 2 gens from now Co-Op was pretty much 90% of the games or more that are released? Would you be happy?

LOGICWINS1971d ago

If the co-op was good, of course I'd be happy.

sprinterboy1971d ago

co/op playing the girl would not work dude

InMyOpinion1971d ago

Makes me think of Dark Souls. If you snooze you lose.

Minato-Namikaze1971d ago

Shared experiences is were the industry is heading. If they are gonna do it, i can at least hope that they learn how to do co-op properly. Right now devs are trying to shoe horn co-op xperiences onto games that should be single player and it ends up not working. If they start to build co-op xperiences from the ground up it might make for a better overall game.

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