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Gearbox Artist Trashes Dragon's Crown Design

"We’ve all heard plenty of outcry from the games press and regular fans, but recently a Gearbox Software environment artist took to the forums on The Escapist to express her dissatisfaction." - Joe Garcia (Industry, PS Vita, PS3)

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majiebeast  +   519d ago
Gearbox employee criticizing another developer thats rich. Stay classy Gearbox and that doesnt mean calling the artist of Dragons crown a 5th grader or comparing him to a criminal.

I bet the world is just waiting for another 1 of your gems to pop up with a million pieces of DLC.

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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   519d ago
Well said.
Seems to be the "in" thing at the moment to find things in videogames offensive to women. It's getting a little out of hand now. If the artist of the Dragons Crown game wants to give his characters large breasts and ridiculous muscles that's his prerogative. You don't like it? don't buy it. Sure you can criticize it but it doesn't give you the right to attack the artist and result to basically insinuating he's criminal.
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Dmd  +   519d ago
At the moment? This was already "in" ten years ago. Longer than that. Hell, I think those complaints started within the first appearance of Lara Croft!

Personally, I hate the design and wont be getting the game. Not because I find it over sexualised or offensive in any way, just because I find it too weird and unappealing...
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   519d ago
Yes but it seems to be blowing up again ever since the sessler opinion on the GOW trophy.
An there's nothing wrong with that, it's good to have different opinions and games do need to portray women better.
Thing is though not EVERY game has to have a realistic looking women or man. If the gaming industry is to be taken seriously then there should be all sorts of different art styles and options for people to purchase. Just because some people don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. I'm all for women being portrayed better in games and also MEN but like I said it doesn't mean we can't have ridiculous looking characters too.
Also the insults that have been aimed at the Dragon's Crown artist aren't helping anyone least the people that don't like that particular art style.
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NukaCola  +   519d ago
Big breasted bothers him? What about that whore Moxxi? Does she not offend him?
Pyrrhus  +   519d ago
Whenever I see the word Gearbox, I instantly think 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'. I think its a bit rich for them to criticize.
zerocrossing  +   519d ago
Yeah, they're not exactly a shining example for the industry standard.
kungfuian  +   519d ago
What a Boob
sherimae2413  +   519d ago
is she insecure or what?
im also a woman, but i think the art style is good and the monster designs are cool, besides this is vanillaware were talking about.... they are known for their arts since the ps2 days..
zerocrossing  +   519d ago
See this is what I'm saying, if some women are OK with it then what is wrong with those who are not?

I'm not saying people don't have a right to feel offended or anything, but I think it's going a bit far when a game is getting bashed left and right for not trying to appease everybody.

Maybe it's just industry growing pains.
LoveOfTheGame  +   519d ago
"Bros before Hoes" trophy is an example, a women created the title but people still yelled sexist.

It saddens me in a democratic society when the majority never rules.
digitaleraser  +   519d ago
There was a group of women in the early 1900s who vocally campaigned *against* women having the right to vote. Because they were okay with it, does that mean all the other women should've just stopped complaining?
zerocrossing  +   519d ago

Campaigning against something like Women having the vote, a thing that is mutually beneficial and possible to opt out of, is in my opinion ridiculous. The same goes for those who demand censorship because they feel "offended" as long as what they feel offended by is not being forced upon them I say they should be aloud to vocalise their displeasure but not attempt to dictate what they feel is and is not acceptable to the masses.
digitaleraser  +   519d ago

But the Gearbox employee wasn't asking for censorship, she was just complaining about how juvenile the character designs were.

On the other hand, you were the one suggesting there must be something "wrong" with women who complain about juvenile depictions of women, attempting to use "but here's a woman over here that's okay with it" as an argument.

My point was that just because you find one woman who's okay with something doesn't mean women shouldn't be allowed to complain about it.
Hicken  +   519d ago
Well, we know you're a gamer, so it's not surprising.
arronax-1  +   519d ago
*Sigh* It is at this point where I believe that video games are taking themselves way too seriously than they should be.
fsfsxii  +   519d ago
Wow, stay classy GB, also, Aliens CM rings a bill, its a insult to humanity. Also, thanks for killing my appetite to play BL2
zerocrossing  +   519d ago
This is getting pathetic... OK listen up anyone with a problem regarding this game.

You mite not like the overly sexualised designs of these or any other female characters but that doesn't make them wrong, you don't have any right to damn the designs or question the artists artistic merit. Sex sells, always has always will, why anybody would want to suppress human nature is beyond me.

If you dislike Dragon's Crown for whatever reason then it's probably not for you, I suggest you move on to playing something that doesn't offend you if possible and just stop making fools of yourselves.
r21  +   519d ago
Well, that's rude of her. These articles are just gonna keep popping up until the game releases, isnt it :L
majiebeast  +   519d ago
Dont think Vanillaware is complaining its alot of free advertisement around a controversy.
kevinsheeks  +   519d ago
I also agree with this lol before this dragons crown was not on my radar at allllllll

now though i know they made some great ps2 era games that i happened to play

day 1 purchase because of silly media outcry
zerocrossing  +   519d ago
True, but would anyone really want such negative press? over sexualisation of female character and other misrepresentation of women is a big issue lately :/
Ravenor  +   519d ago
I'm at a point where I'm going to pick up the game just to spite the complainers. I can't stand this overly sensitive PC world we live in, you'll never please everyone.
r21  +   519d ago
True that, whilst its a negative view on the game, its still free publicity for them.
kevinsheeks  +   519d ago
Wait the want the gaming industry to be taken serious well >.> woman have body parts that stand out :\ usually their is a form of sexuality in their body curves,butt,breast

i mean guys always look to physical before anything else goes the same for woman

if your getting upset at animations and drawings thats a problem within you not the animation
cyhm3112  +   519d ago
well?? really? GB bashing Vanillaware for crimes?(pay back money to Sega pls b4 saying this), what about the garbage Alien CM game? I personally would like to play Dragon's crown more than Borderland 2!!
Inception  +   519d ago
I pick Dragon's Crown any day even Gearbox try so hard to shove Alien: Colonial Marines into my ass!
Z501  +   519d ago
smh. Did she play Golden Axe back in the day? (Tyris Flare anyone) What is happening to people?
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izumo_lee  +   519d ago
I guess this lady has never watched an anime or read a manga in her life. The Japanese has always relied on over exaggeration to express most of their artwork. Why do you think that anime characters have large eyes or over the top sequences. It is their style & there is nothing wrong with it.

This whole controversy is simply getting out of hand & practically ridiculous. Vanillaware & George Kamitani has done this art for years with no issue but all of a sudden it is now an issue? Can a person not be able to express his/her art style?

Vanillaware & George Kamitani should be proud of what they have accomplished. Even the greatest works of art like the statue of David or the Venus de Milo have faced criticism, hasn't stop them from being considered masterpieces.
chaosseed  +   519d ago
..Over sexual? Crime?

Still better than someone who actually "fucked ALIENS",
and make players feel like they're assisting in a crime.
NarooN  +   519d ago
This world is way too politically correct nowadays.
plmkoh  +   519d ago
If you think women in scantily clad clothing is 'sexist' you must be shallower than a shoal pond at noon.

For a character to be a victim of sexism, they have to fit into prejudicial roles, and aren't able to break free from them. For example: we have Princess Peach who must always be saved by Mario and can't do anything herself, she'd be considered a depiction of sexism had Nintendo not done away with it in Mario Bros 2.

Then we look here, we have Women characters in this game who are not only equal in strength to the men, but have talents that the male characters do not and can hold their own, therefore are only feminine by aesthetics and nothing more. The very opposite of 'sexism' if you ask me.

If anything, during the start of last year, we had the 'slut walk' fad crap, where the message was 'don't judge women by their appearance', this is exactly that. Therefore any 'opinion' that Dragon's Crown sexist is simply wrong, you can now go back to what you do best: sit there and look pretty but don't say a word...
webkatt  +   519d ago
i don't see what the big deal is. dead or alive has boobs all around
porkChop  +   519d ago
Mad Moxxi, anyone? How the fuck is anyone from Gearbox going to criticize Dragon's Crown? And she even goes as far as to insinuate that the artist is practically a criminal. This woman should be ashamed of herself.

If you don't like big breasted women, that's fine. But not every game has to cater to you. If an artist wants to create a character with big breasts, so be it, that's their right. And I find it funny that so many women complain every time there's a big breasted female in a game. I've seen plenty of women irl with massive breasts. So what's the problem? What, are you jealous that you don't have that kind of body or something?

If you don't like those types of designs, fine. When you're making your own game you have every right to design your characters the way you want. But when your own game is guilty of the exact same thing then you have no right to criticize other developers.
killerorca258  +   518d ago
She ought to go and style the Biggest Loser video game. Whaddya think?
ShaunCameron  +   519d ago
Typical feminist fare. Not much to see here.
BuffMordecai  +   519d ago
Why does almost every author of these type of articles have to be a bitched whipped pansy. Your white knight behavior is beyond pathetic.
CaitSith  +   519d ago
They shouldn't even have the right to talk about another game after that atrocious game that is Aliens: Colonial Marines.
killerorca258  +   518d ago
Amen to that
palaeomerus  +   519d ago
Better headline: Gearbox artist trashes value of Aliens license, Timegate/Sega's reputation.

Oh wait what's THIS? A big fat sociopathic redneck woman made to be humorously disgusting complete with incest jokes?


And this? (psycho "midgets" tied to a shield for laughs ?)


And this? (Drunk Irish violent mob family stereotype)


Yeah, you stay classy Gearbox!
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rhap  +   519d ago
Damn, never heard about this woman, but after seeing her pics I realized why she's bothered with the curvy art of the game.
killerorca258  +   518d ago
I appreciate great games, but even though I think the art style's a bit over-the-top, it adds to the extremity of the game. Besides, gameplay is 90% of my decision when I buy a game (unless it's Spongebob :-D lol). I can't stand it when women are treated unfairly or made fun of, but what about guys? If women can complain because video games depict over-endowed women as offensive, then why can't I be annoyed that movies and tv shows like Twilight depict guys as stupid pretty boys that style their hair like a religion, and wear stupid tarts/ditzzy women like a pair of shoes? Everyone has their rights, but don't criticize others for what you think is wrong. The artist hasn't broken the law, so keep it to yourselves
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illtornworld  +   518d ago
Awww man, gearbox dnt be getting jealous cuz Dragons Crown woman gets bigga tities and Duke Nukems women were bare xD how was new duke nukem? i seen it at gamestop new for 5$ and still said nah. I hope i dnt get disagrees.
o-Sunny-o  +   518d ago
Now a days GearBox comes up and its always complaints against or from them.

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