Five blockbuster movies to rent for 100 MSP each

Spring is here which means that Easter celebrations will soon be kicking in. To celebrate the upcoming holiday Xbox LIVE subscribers will have the chance to rent five blockbuster movies for an incredible bargain price.

From midnight on Good Friday 21 March until the same time Easter Saturday, the following movies will all be available to rent from the Xbox LIVE Video Store just 100 MS Points apiece: Transformers", "Swordfish", "Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix", "1408" and "Naked Gun".

That's got to mean something special for everyone at home. You'll be drawing straws for who gets the sofa first (and who serves the snacks).

The offer of these five great movies is part of the wider ongoing celebrations to mark our most successful year of Xbox LIVE yet. We're proud to say that LIVE continues to be the premier service for streaming entertainment content into your home for all the family to enjoy. It gets better every passing day, and you bet it is here to stay.

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socomnick3689d ago

Really cool renting movies for about a dollar a piece. :)

vitz33689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Really bad renting movies from Xbox Live :(

lim_ryan3689d ago

Really bad renting movies from Xbox Live :(

lol just buy the physical copy n keep it as your property...even can sell it later why buy digital copy anyway???????????????????

Gam713689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Because its a dollar and convenient. Maybe someone doesn't want to own it but watch it.

Bet it wouldn't be a issue if it was on whatever ps3 movie store is.

socomnick3689d ago

Yea once I watch a movie I don't want to see it again. Buying a movie makes no sense for me.

Lord Vader3689d ago

I'll buy that for a Dollar !

Mandangoof3689d ago

You'll rent it in non-HD quality while we rent them out in full HD for less than 70c as physical media. My blockbuster has a 70c per movie deal once a week.

Death3689d ago

It's a great deal for anyone that hasn't seen these movies, espeically the two or three people that do not own an HDTV yet. Yes, we all know you have an uber cool HDTV, give yourself a cookie and let others enjoy $1 rentals without wasting $3 in gas.


InYourMom3689d ago

These are HD movies in 720p. Albeit a bit compressed to something like an HD-DVD or Blu-ray but it still looks really good.

ambientFLIER3689d ago

Really? So you can rent a movie for exactly a day from blockbuster for 70 cents? If not, STFU. Why do you need it for a week, do you have ADD, and need to re-watch it over and over? Face it, $1 from home is a great deal.

ravenguard883689d ago

Greatest movie series ever. Well, maybe Hotshots is up there...

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