Modding Team Claims to Have Cracked the Wii U

Gameranx said, "At this point, the Wii U just can’t catch a break. Sales projections have been missed by significant margins since its launch in late 2012, and recently, it was announced that Nintendo would be skipping out on its yearly E3 press conference in favor of smaller, less risky Nintendo Directs. So, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re not here to deliver any good news. According to the Wii modding website WiiKey, the Wii U has been cracked."

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-Mika-1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I might actually buy a WiiU now but on a serious note. This is really bad for nintendo. Unlike MS or Sony. People treat nintendo consoles as secondary devices. So let say a player hacks their WiiU and nintendo bans them from their online services. That player will most likely not give a crap. Microsoft or sony users on the other hand would be really hesitant to hack their consoles since online is a huge part of them. Their friend list, netflix,psplus and much more will be cutoff. So nintendo better hope this is just one big lie because right now. They honestly don't have anything to hold against their users to stop them from hacking their device.

socks1853d ago

And download what games? Oh yea...

kreate1853d ago

The usual... mario.. zelda..

u know,the stuff we been playing for 30 years.

socks1853d ago

Seriously gentlemen, I want some games. I don't want to have to wait for Xeno2 to get this system.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1853d ago

Don't u get games anyway if u buy a used wiiU?

fairyblaster1853d ago

your take toward nintendo is?? thats rite, worthless.

Ritsujun1853d ago Show
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donman11853d ago

And how is this bad for Nintendo... especially with hardware sales??? History has proven that the console which was moded (PS2, Xbox360)went on to have killer sales. So I ask again... how is this bad news. In many ways this is called positive evil.

caseh1853d ago

PS1 could play copies and imports straight from the box with a bit of blu-tack over the CD lid closing mechanism.

As a result every man and his dog had one with mountains of games and to my knowledge its one of the most successful consoles of all time.

People who play copies still buy games on occasion, I know I do at least.

Lifebanisher1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Developers will lose money on your system cause of pirated games and they will not want to develop for your system..

why is there little support for wii u right now?
cause of the piracy last gen on wii, plus the wii-u sales are not doing good enough, and then there is that other issue with the developers that made games for the wii-u and people are just not buying it...

and then the wii-u get's hacked just when it's in a lot of trouble lately and this is early too...

developers will not want to develop games for wii-u.

guess what..

no developers + No games = No customers for
your system

so i guess they will do something about this. if not constantly updating to keep hackers and cheaters out of online play, they'll probably ban consoles. they will be forced to this time for the developers..

SilentNegotiator1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Developer support is already weak for Wii U. 6 months into launch isn't a very opportune time for piracy to be introduced. Ps2 and 360 were very popular....Wii U right now? Not so much.

But whatever. Everything seems to be good for Nintendo on N4G lately.
No E3 conference? No one watches E3 conferences! Great move!
Lacking third party support? We don't want 3rd party games!
The flood gates of piracy opened 6 months in? What could be better?!

Rhaigun1852d ago

So, the Wii U was cracked? Whatever. I still don't want one.

Gamer19821852d ago

I sadly agree donman and whats the easiest ever to mod? The DS and its also the highest sold handheld ever. The people who actually pay £40 for a handheld game are few and far between and thats the real reason 3DS is struggling.

Tultras1852d ago

Isn't it the Same case if you're buying USED games, developers get no cut in it.

hkgamer1852d ago

it might put off 3rd parties... no 3rd parties would like to develop for consoles that have a poor attach rate.

Ninterndo sold the Wii on a profit so they did benefit on hardware sales because of piracy, but the WiiU they are making a minimal profit, so it maybe bad news.

However, Nintendo consoles have always been easy to hack or play pirated games. Gamecube was the hardest to play pirated games and that console did the worst in sales. So maybe piracy is what Nintendo actually need?

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jcnba281853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

You think by saying "I might actually buy a WiiU" at the beginning of your comment will help you not sound like a troll? lol

Studio-YaMi1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

"will help you not sound like a troll? lol"

Look who's talking .. the irony !


Hicken1853d ago

Mika may be a troll, but her comment here isn't.

You, on the other hand...

LOL_WUT1853d ago

@ jcnba28 Don't get mad these things tend to happen ;)

Things certainly went downhill for Nintendo at the start of this year and this news just further proves that.

Studio-YaMi1853d ago

"People treat nintendo consoles as secondary devices"

Says who ?
you ?

I know lots of my friends who would go solo for a Nintendo console,yes they are missing on lots of great games on other consoles of choice but they don't care,they go with Nintendo because of their first party games which they love a lot.

I'm a multi console owner,but I still love to play me some new Mario games,especially Mario kart with friends,such a rush and never played a racing game that is as satisfying other than Naughty Dogs crash racing(which I really wish had a sequel made by the Dogs themselves!).

stuna11853d ago

You and your friends must be a different breed! Nintendo will always be a support system as long as they flounder in the 3rd party arena.

No system can survive on first party alone, I don't care who might think they can, it's just not possible! And is another reason that those who did purchase a WII ended up banishing them to closet, because the 3rd party support wasn't enough to keep people playing.

Sure Nintendo sold a boatload of WIIs, just look at the games attach rate to see it wasn't all peaches and cream in Nintendo Land.

slapedurmomsace1853d ago

Don't take this the wrong way but how old are you and your friends? I seriously don't know anyone with a wii u and people who have a wii probably couldn't find it under the dust to save their lives. At least the people I know

nirwanda1853d ago

@stuna1 google wii game sales and you will seehow the wii has sold alot more games than the ps3
Wii games attach rate is almost 9-1 go look at nintendos latest financial report.

xDHAV0K24x1852d ago

Wii and WiiU are most definitely the 2nd choice. There aren't many ppl with all 3 systems. I have noticed it's either a ps3 or 360 PLUS a nintendo console. Personally, I own all 3. My ps3 gets no love (hand me down fat 40gb launch) and endless homebrew wii games when I don't want to game online with my 360 (gears, halo black ops, arcade). Last wii game I bought was DKC Returns. My WiiU is still unopened =\

hkgamer1852d ago


Wow, I am actually surprised. I never knew Nintendo sold that many games.
However, It is understandable in a way. Wii sport came with the console for most countries and Wii Play came with a free controller. Also many shovelware party titles that were dirt cheap. However, still good news for Nintendo I guess.

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paul19741853d ago

did you read the article mika?? it goes on to state that those who say they have broken the wii u will still not be able to hack games or online multiplayers! just back up data that's it! read the full article and comments before making such a stupid comment yourself! and yes nintendo can ban you from online as well as the game companies themselves which was not possible on the wii! so those who have netflix, or any other service would be banned from using the wii u by nintendo..

deafdani1853d ago

Yes, they have. The Wii U's online system is pretty damn good, and it has Miiverse, which has a HUGE appeal to a lot of people.

Then again, you're just a troll, so I don't really know why I'm even bothering. Sigh.

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MNGamer-N1853d ago

Ya, I'm not really into stealing and modding foolishness. These people are a bunch of 10 year olds who strive to ruin online play. Hopefully with system updates and patches, we can keep them from hacking Mario Kart.

kneon1853d ago

The hacking of MK on the Wii was rampant. I haven't played in years so maybe it's improved but for a while there it seemed like every other race had someone who was using a hack to get infinite Bullet Bills or to make it impossible for them to drive off the track.

After I unlocked everything I just quit and haven't gone back.

Nevers0ft1853d ago

For what it's worth, it's not a hack of the system it's a drive emulator. So it's capable of playing 1:1 copies but won't enable Ocarina-style cheats like you get on the Wii.

Eamon1853d ago

A 10 year old runs the WiiKey company??

lol. WiiKey began in 2007, so by your logic the guys must have been 4-5 years old? haha

xDHAV0K24x1852d ago

I long for the day to see mario kart on xbox live. Nintendo should go the sega route!

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MooseWI1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

No homebrew though, says the article at least. So you'd have to borrow/rent all the games you wanted to have locally.

EDIT: Not saying I support or don't support the modders, just speaking on topic.

Oh_Yeah1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Thepiratebay will have all the wiiu games to download, as do they with every other system...If that's your thing.

ZodTheRipper1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Everybody knows what's up but of course nobody is supporting it ... :P

abzdine1853d ago

if Wii U sales increase you know why