Nintendo looking at free-to-play model

Nintendo plans to expand its business in several different ways, including a look at the free-to-play model.

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DA_SHREDDER1909d ago

nintendo land should come with every system sold. I guess the more money you have the more out of touch with society you become.

PopRocks3591909d ago

Off-topic comments aside, Nintendo Land could make for an interesting FTP game. Get the first twelve or so attractions for free, pay $5 - $10 for any new ones that Nintendo makes, similarly to Zen Pinball.

thezeldadoth1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Nintendo Land is actually a fully featured game. No other console comes out with a free full sized game, i dont know why people expect nintendo to. I'm talking about right out of the gate, not bundled 2 years later.

deafdani1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

...and that makes me sad. I remember when the NES came bundled with Mario Bros / Duck Hunt and 2 controllers, and the SNES came bundled with Mario World and 1 controller... ok, no big deal, we can buy another controller, I guess...

...but then along came the N64 with only one controller and no bundled game at all. I couldn't believe it. Oh, and it also needed a memory card (sold separately) if you wanted to save the games!


weekev151909d ago

Please no. What ever happened to "heres a game its fifty quid. There are no add ons its just a game. You get a bonus level for completing it....enjoy" now I have no idea how much a game costs. If I pay a tenner extra am I still missing stuff? Does this fifty quid game now actually cost £ 100.

I would be cool if a company came out and said "right dev costs have risen cos you guys want awesome games. Some companies will recoup these ext a costs through dlc. We aint gonna have dlc but we'll give you the full and complete game for a tenner more"

Triggytrolls1909d ago

£50? I refuse to pay £50 for any game ;) GAME want £50 for MHU ... No chance.