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TSA: "How long can a game concept remain just that, without ever coming to fruition? Ten years, if you’re the ambitious Matt Southern, Evolution’s Studio Game Director – that game: DriveClub, the PlayStation 4′s first exclusive racing title and one that hopes to pin the console’s driving credentials from the start when it releases – hopefully – at launch later this year."

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shivvy241852d ago

Wow the stuff in this game should be adopted into gran turismo , if evolution pulls this off then its gonna be awesome

kneon1851d ago

I've been saying for a while now that we need team racing on GT5 for the endurance races, it just makes sense, it's how it's done in real life. A game built around this concept could be great.

But the comment about "accessible and super fun" makes me less interested, it sounds like it won't be a proper sim racer.

cervantes991851d ago

This looks very promising. Can't wait to see more.

MasterCornholio1851d ago

Looks better than that Wii U racing game which i think is called Project Cars U.

jay21851d ago

Is there anything new in the story, this really isn't my type of game?

bumnut1851d ago

Looks cool but Duke Nukem was in development for 10 years!

I hope it turns out better than that!

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