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From the review: "Soul Sacrifice is as rewarding as it is twisted. It is very similar to Monster Hunter but with a much better framework to the experience and gameplay that rivals some of the most popular action games on the market. There is a ton to do and love here, but you have to work for it, which may turn some people away."

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G20WLY1973d ago

That was a good review. Important point is that you need to invest some time on order to get the best out of it.

Definitely not one for the casuals then, but I see that as a good thing! This feels like a proper full-sized game, not the 'mobile' version of a console game.

The Vita's snooze function makes this viable and really rewarding, as you can just hit the button to make it sleep, pausing the game anywhere and then pick up and continue immediately, minutes or days later, no problem.

I'm really enjoying it - the demo didn't do it justice IMO :)