Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review | Lead Exmaple

Around the beginning of April, Ubisoft released some teaser screenshots of a game that vaguely resembled Far Cry 3 called “Blood Dragon”. Considering the time of the images’ release, most fans thought it was an elaborate hoax or April Fool’s joke being played by the developer. In the coming weeks however, it was made all too clear that Blood Dragon was a real game, and it was arriving sooner than many people thought.

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josephayal1974d ago

How is this game related to Far Cry 3? Doesn't this hurt the eyes of anyone else?

TedCruzsTaint1974d ago

Throw on some shades, dude.

As someone who didn't much enjoy Far Cry 3, this actually very much interests me.
For a $15 standalone, this seems like a good buy.

admiralvic1974d ago

It doesn't, beyond the sense it takes place on an island with animals.

leadexample1974d ago

There's no relation to Far Cry 3 apart from the way the game plays and the general setting. The story, character and everything else is it's own thing.