Quantic: PS4 like the PC of 2014 or 2015

The PlayStation 4 has been compared to a PC from the future by Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere.

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US8F1904d ago

Lol, this article would bring alot of some PC elitist(or they think they are, seeing that they know more than developers just because they built their own rig once or twice) and start a big can of whip ass.

Regardless, if Sony studios make top notch games on an 8 year old hardware, believe it or not, they would make their previous games look mediocre with the way they will utilize the ps4 power.

Here is hoping both systems brings good AAA exclusives so people would eventually buy both (NextBox and Ps4) and the winners are the gamers, and not the fanboys :D


decrypt1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Well its common sense PS4 will hardly be comparable to mid range PCs by the time it releases. Infact as of today you could build a mid range PC comparable to PS4 specs for around the same price, by the time PS4 is out things will further be in the PCs favor.

By 2015 Nvidia Volta GPUs will be out. Those will be pushing 1TB/s Memory bandwidth(PS4's shared 176GB/s all of a sudden looks very piddly). At most Sony and the crew are hyping the PS4 at best. Too bad for them they dont have gimmick like they did with the Cell, hence this time around its just all talk.

Whats funny is they wont even release the GPU specs. All they talk about is GDDR 5 lol. Which will be outdated 3-4 months into PS4's life as GDDR 6 should be out early 2014.


True its all about the games. Which is where the PC platform shines. Over and above any platform.

PC has hundreds of games from the current gen, let alone the previous generations. The library overall is insane with over 25 years of BC and the capability to play any console game in history (asides the PS3 and Xbox 360).

Hence really consoles are no match in this territory.

Yes you bought the PS3, but good luck playing any of those games on the PS4. PS4 essentially launches with a hand full of games. Now i am not saying your old console dies the moment you buy a PS4. However eventually it will. Hell even Sony may close shop on online support for it. So really the only option you may have left is buying HD remakes, or just rebuying the old console over and over.

Genuine-User1904d ago

I bought the PS3 on launch and 7 years on I'm still looking forward to its exclusives.
It's all about the games.

Highlife1904d ago

And yet where are all the great pc games? Seriously with all this damn power you pc elitists speak of you think there would be some ground breaking game that backs it up. Where is this game cause all I hear are numbers. So have fun playing BENCH MARKS!

reynod1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


90% games released today are multiplatform. PC platform covers just about covers them all and has superior versions.

The only ones not making it to the PC are few exclusives from Sony. PC easily has its own exclusives to compensate for that. Its not like PS is the only one with exclusives if thats really what matters to most people on N4G.

vishmarx1904d ago

you forgot to mention how much that volta thing would cost?
i do believe i would be able to get 20 games+ a ps4 in the money that would take to build a suitable rig...
and all of those "hundreds" of pc games are glitchy and buggy as they can be.not one runs without problems..
also what truly takes advantage of all that power are sub-mediocre games like crysis 3 ...
while 8 yr old crappy harware gets games like Uncharted series ,last of us ,Beyond,journey,RDR,god of war,gears of war,...etc...etc..

Highlife1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

@Decrypts reply
You didn't mention a single name of a game. You mention old ones great if you like living in the past.where is this ground breaking game that is so much better than consoles. Your BENCH MARKS mean nothing with out the games. You make it sound like every old game works so easily on pc. Not true. Many old games don't work or may not work for some. I recently tried to install unreal tournament on my Windows 8 pc and ran into so many issues. Not like you can just put the game in and play.

Name of these great pc games please.

90% of stats are made up!

FanMan1904d ago

so much damage control, so little time.

blackmagic1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


PC has entire game genres that don't exist on console. RTS games, MMO's, Sim games, even Turn-Based Strategy is virtually non-existent in the console world.

Mods. Virtually every game released on PC has them and they add a near infinite amount of content and are often just as good or better than the game they are layered on top of.

I understand that everyone is excited about a new platform. I understand that the ps3 has great exclusives and that the ps4 will also have great exclusives. I understand that consoles are an easy way of getting into gaming. Great! But the PS4 is not a beast. Nor do you need high priced hardware to outclass it.

I am not an elitest. I don't buy high priced, leading edge components and brag about them. I am, however, a gamer. I do build my own PCs. I have been following pc hardware for a couple of decades. I upgraded my computer last fall using components that have been available since 2009/2010.

From my previous build, I kept my ATX mid tower case, I kept my 650w power supply, I kept both my hard drives (500Gb + 1Tb) and I kept 8 Gb of DDR3 Ram. I also kept my keyboard, mouse and monitor and re-installed Windows 7 on my new build. Keeping components which are perfectly good is common practice for a PC gamer.

I bought an HD 6970 for $169, an AMD Phenom II 965 processor for $87, another 8Gb of DDR3 Ram for $52 and an Asus Motherboard for $107. Total: $415

I overclocked everything because it would be a complete waste not to. I took the 6970 core/memory clock from 880Mhz/1375Mhz to 1200Mhz/1600Mhz and I took the x4 965 from 3.4Ghz to 3.8Ghz.


PS4 (AMD) GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, Engine Clock 800Mhz, 18 Compute Units (1152 Stream Processors), 72 Texture Units, 8GB GDDR5 (Shared with CPU) with 176.0GB/s memory bandwidth (Shared with CPU)

HD 6970: 2.70 TFLOPS, Engine Clock 880Mhz, 24 Compute Units (1536 Stream Processors) , 96 Texture Units, 2GB GDDR5 with 176.0GB/s memory bandwidth

HD 6970 (overclocked): 3.68 TFLOPS, Engine Clock 1200Mhz, 20 Compute Units (1280 Stream Processors) , 80 Texture Units, 2GB GDDR5 with 204.8GB/s memory bandwidth

We don't know much about the jaguar processor yet other than it is claimed to be twice as fast (yet to be seen)as the bobcat processor. The fastest bobcat processor (G-T56N) benchmarked at 818 so if the PS4's Jaguar processor is indeed twice as fast as the fastest bobcat processor and there are essentially two jaguar processors stitched together in the PS4 then it would benchmark at 3268 (4x818). The AMD Phenom II X4 965 benchmarked at 4314 and running cpu mark on my overclocked x4 965 gives me a benchmark of 4913.

blackmagic1904d ago

should be:
HD 6970 (overclocked): 3.68 TFLOPS, Engine Clock 1200Mhz, 24 Compute Units (1536 Stream Processors) , 96 Texture Units, 2GB GDDR5 with 204.8GB/s memory bandwidth

must have copy/pasted from the wrong line...

Ju1904d ago

Flops, flops, flops, where I'd say compute, compute, compute. First, 1.84GF is no slouch either, and second none of those GPUs have 64 independent compute channels, none of those GPUs can run HSA as efficient as the PS4 CPU/GPU combo (not even current APUs - which are not fully shared mem at this point), none of those GPUs have shared address buses, none of those GPUs have cache control instruction, and the list goes on. Never will you be able to let the CPU setup the compute code the way the PS4 will be able to do on PCs due to bus barriers unless the totally remove the PCIe - which current OSs don't support. Also, fully shared memory would require the OS (!) to be able to allocate memory for both GPU and CPU - which currently is not the case with any desktop operating system. All you have seen so far is code which is almost identical to PCs - unless KZ:SF which runs AI on 8 cores and runs some quite impressive reflections and yet only scratches the surface on what we'll see 1 or 2 years from now.

cayleee1904d ago


Save the marketing hype, PS4 has many bottlenecks too. Its just they dont want to talk about them for obvious reasons.

Let us know when it can run BF4 in 1080p 60fps.

blackmagic1904d ago


You keep making up this "64 independent compute channels" number. PS4 has 18 compute units.

Yes FLOPS FLOPS FLOPS and the ps4 has 1.84>T<FLOPS not 1.84 >G<FLOPS. It is a measure of FL-oating point O-perations P-er S-econd and it is a finite number. It doesn't matter how much pixie dust you spread on, once you run out ,you run out and when you have double, you have double!

HSA(Heterogeneous System Architecture)describes the hardware itself, GPU's don't "run" HSA, it's a physical description of the components.

You know what, I'm going to stop. None of what you are saying makes any sense. You're just throwing acronyms and concepts around in nonsensical combinations. It is literally impossible to decipher what you are saying. There are words on the screen but they don't form any cohesive sentences.

blackmagic1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Ju was kind enough to send me this link to explain what he was trying to say then demanded a retraction statement.

Here is my reply to him:

You've reworded Cerny's comments into '64 compute sources', '64 hardware threads' and '64 independent compute channels'. I suggest in the future you use direct quotes instead of 'interpreting' what was said. Now that I've read Cerny's original quote, I can see that he is talking about SIMD (Simple Instruction Multiple Data) engines. Earlier generations of AMD GPUs consisted of a number of SIMD engines, each of which consisted of up to 16 ALUs. Each ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit) could execute bundles of 4 or 5 independent instructions co-issued in a VLIW(Very Long Instruction Word). SIMD engines were issued groups of 64 work items, called wavefronts, and would execute one wavefront at a time. That's a while back though.

Modern AMD GPU's don't work this way at all anymore. Now each CU (Compute Unit) includes 4 separate SIMD units for vector processing. Each of these SIMD units simultaneously executes a single operation across 16 work items, but each can be working on a separate wavefront. This places emphasis on finding many wavefronts to be processed in parallel, rather than relying on the compiler to find independent operations within a single wavefront. Each SIMD unit is assigned its own 40-bit program counter and instruction buffer for 10 wavefronts. The whole CU can thus have 40 wavefronts in flight, each potentially from a different work-group or kernel, which is substantially more flexible than previous designs. This means that a GPU with 20 CUs, such as the HD 7870, can be working on up to 71,680 work items at a time.

In Cerny's first point, he is talking about Virtual Memory which simplifies moving data between the CPU and the discrete GPU and it allows for a single address space that is seamlessly shared rather than copied by CPUs and GPUs.

In Cerny's second point, he is talking about Coherent Caching. GPUs used to rely on specialized caches (such as read-only texture caches) that do not maintain a coherent view of memory. To communicate between cores within a GPU, the programmer or compiler had to insert explicit synchronization instructions to flush shared data back to memory.

Modern GPU's use a cache coherency protocol to share data through the L2 cache. This protocol is tailored for general purpose workloads, where algorithms that communicate between cores are common.

All of this, of course, is being done with modern GPUs. None of it is exclusive to the PS4. Cerny even says that they were working on this back in 2009, 2010 so it's not surprising to see all of these technologies already implemented in today's GPUs.

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marcodg1904d ago Show
vishmarx1904d ago


pc exclusives whats that

AndrewLB1904d ago

Here are 50 PC Exclusive titles being released in 2013.

Oh, and as for PC games being buggy... that's typically a result of "user error". Properly configured and stable gaming PC's like mine rarely ever have problems with games. And when I do come across one, it's usually resolved with a patch just like with console games.

Mr-SellJack1904d ago

and 70% of the games listed suck...
about 15 good games but not a single is a must buy except neverwinter and company of heroes maybe.Outlast looks gr8 but looks to have horrible replay value.All of them look meiocre nothing looks groundbreaking or unique TBH but the F2P games do look fun

bumnut1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Plently of good exclusives on PC, if they don't interest you thats cool.

Im into strategy games like the total war series, Im also in to flight sims, They are not available on consoles.

Am I upset that im going to miss out on uncharted or other PS4 exclusives? No because I will play them on my PS4.

He who games on one system misses out on the most games!

thechosenone1904d ago


that's next-gen quality graphics right there. . .

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ATi_Elite1904d ago

Seems like every Got Dam PS4 article just has to mention the PC in it. If the PS4 is so Got Dam great why even mention the PC, why not just talk about your GPU SPECS and up coming Games.

Hey Sony how about you mention your PS4's GPU specs so Editors can STop mentioning the PC in every dam PS4 article. Would be nice to hear about those PS4 Exclusives instead of everyone talking about the PC.

WiiU X360 PS3 PC ALL have Exclusives. How do I know cause as a Enthusiast PC Gamer with I can play WiiU and PS3 Games on my PC. So yeh I've played RDR KZ2,3 UC123 blah blah blah

PLUS I'm playing PC exclusives like Arma 3, Planetside 2, Hawken, ProjectCARS, Firefall, Guild Wars 2, TERA Rising, Path of Exhile, Warface, etc.

YOU may not like these games but Millions of PC Gamers do like the 9 million Russians playing Warface.

I just want to know why SOny has chosen to talk about the PC a whole lot more than it's GPU and future Exclusives?

Come on the Whole PS4 vs. PC thing has gotten very STALE anyway.

PS4 in 2014 = DX11, 8GB Gddr5, 8 core AMD APU @ 1.6ghz, Some GPU, Usb 2.0

Enthusiast PC in 2014 = DX11.1, GDDR6, an Intel running at 4.5GHZ, HD8000 or GTX800 GPU, USB 3.0A 10gb per second and DX12 in 2015

So instead of talking about the PC tell Sony to talk about the PS4 not being backwards Compatible and what happens when your PS3 YLOD.

Oh you gotta go Buy another PS3 to sit next to your PS4 or Spend money to use Gaikai to play PS3 Games you already own.

Mr-SellJack1904d ago

my god what an ass!!o-0

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Convas1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

You don't have to be a PC elitist to know that the PS4 is not a future PC. 2014 and 2015 PCs will be in an entirely different league all together.

Knowing more than developers =/= Common Sense

This is more of the pre-gen Xbox 360 will do Toy Story Graphics/PS4 will do 1080p/60FPS 4D bull that was foisted about around the start of this generation.

AndrewLB1904d ago

Considering how Killzone and Thief are both running on PS4 @ 1080p/30fps... i wouldn't expect any miracles especially out of a GPU that on a good day is comparable to an HD7850, but with shared memory.

Ju1904d ago

Shared mem has 20-25GB/sec bandwidth (no GDDR available), PS4 has ~176, so, no I disagree.

Ken221904d ago

*sits back and waits for the show to start*.

listenkids1904d ago

Remove this before the cave trolls arrive.

zebramocha1904d ago

@decrypt there is no gddr6 coming out sense stacked ram it's suppose to upped the bandwidth,do you know for a fact that nvidia are really going to reach that speed.

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