Nintendo: Consumers tired of the same old games

The Wii U isn't selling as well as hoped because consumers aren't being blown away by games like they used to be, according to Nintendo's Satoru Iwata.

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ZainabSaccal1846d ago

I said that before, but everyone was annoyed with me.

LoveOfTheGame1846d ago

For some reason I don't think you said it very politely lol.

OT: The problem isn't the IPs themselves, I still get giddy over a new 3d mario and console zelda, but more of the genre they are used in. Each 3d mario and zelda have always felt fresh or at least different from the last but one like New Super Mario Bros U just don't add anything extra from previous entries. When the one for the Wii added co-op it made essentially the same game it has always been better and different to warrant a purchase.

What I took from the article was this exactly, the gameplay needs to be more innovative more so than creating a new IP itself.

ZainabSaccal1846d ago

I think you are quite mistaken :)

LoveOfTheGame1846d ago

And I can't disprove win this round lol

lilbroRx1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Being tired of the same old games is the reason why I game on Nintendo consoles more than others now. I'm tired of shooters, ancient hack and slash games and gorefests.

When I game with NIntendo I get things like Xenoblade Smash Brothers, Dillon's Rolling Western, Fortune Street, Mario Galaxy, The Last Story, Boom Blocks, Exicte Truck, Red Steel 2 etc...

I'm tired of people trying to spin statements out of context. Iwata is talking about gaming in general, not Nintendo franchises as all sales point to them still being the most successful/popular games series on the planet Earth, yet here comes the, "When are they going to make new I.P.s" argument which is ridiculous because they already do. It doesn't matter how many new I.P. they make, though, because Nintendo haters will just ignore them and keep begging the question.

The real issue with them is that they just want Nintendo to stop using their popular I.P.s, not make new ones. What they really mean when they ask this is, "When will Nintendo get rid of all of their popular titles that dwarf the games we like more in sells and give our preferred companies a chance to be number 1 in sales so we can stop being bitter our games not being on top." It has nothing to do with new I.P.s. They just resent Nintendo's success.

kreate1846d ago

'tired of the same old games is the reason why I game on Nintendo consoles more than others now.I'm tired of shooters, ancient hack and slash games and gorefests.'

Cuz ps3 only has killzone and god of war ...

Heisenburger1846d ago

Those aren't Wii U games though.

I understand your point, however.

Getting a console because the company makes the games you want is as good a reason as any.

Perhaps they'll offer something that appeals to me enough to buy their console, down the road.

L6RD7BLU31846d ago

It's true but people still buy the same old games so they will keep making them :(

stuna11846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Most people tend to get annoyed when you speak the truth about something that was an investment! Who want to feel like they bet on the wrong horse? We all have taken that route at some point.

This just proves that at some point Nintendo is going to have to switch up their tactics at some point, because you can only try a formula for so long, before someone come up with a better formula.

How can a person say someone's words are taken out of context, unless the person themselves say their words were taken out of context? Are we now able to read people's minds? That the problem with us as gamers, we automatically assume that we understand what a person is trying to convey, before we give them the opportunity to clarify things.

Notice I said "We", because at some point we have all been guilty of it.

Knushwood Butt1846d ago

The problem isn't really with the same old games; people still buy them in bucketloads for the 3DS.

The problem is the Wii U. It has no identity, and Nintendo's attempt to make lighting strike in the same place by focusing on the control scheme has failed.

Ultimately, there's still no reason for the consumer to invest in the Wii U's gamepad.

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sherimae24131846d ago

so it seems even nintendo themselves knows, that some or alot gamers are tired of same franchises over and over again...
i think they should come up with more new ips, i know they are creative..
atleast sometimes they should take a risk..

lilbroRx1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

That is not even the issue here. The articles title took Iwata's words way out of context as are you. He was talking about the gaming industry as a whole. In no way was he referring to Nintendo franchises, as they are still the top selling game software on the planet.

He's talking about saturation in the market, not Nintendo I.P.s getting old(which they are not do to them constanstly being changed in each iteration which he mentions in the actual article) and not about making new I.P.s( they already do every year.)

Straight from the article:

[Iwata believes an overly saturated market is having a negative effect on the industry, as it's getting harder to impress new gamers.

"We try to offer various kinds of software for a video game platform, and the games are improving steadily each year, but these improvements are becoming less noticeable," he told investors.]

He talking more about the business practices of other companies(like First Person shooter spamming) than Nintendo.

imXify1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I'm one of them. There's an obvious reason I didn't bought New Super Mario Bros U...

SkullBlade1691846d ago

Nintendo is the last company I'd expect to be saying this...

kneon1846d ago

But they didn't actually say that, the title is misleading. He said people "become tired of and get less excitement from the same type of entertainment."

That's not quite the same as people are tired of the same old games.

abzdine1846d ago

then please make other thing than games with mario

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