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Battlefield 4 officially confirmed to be at this year’s E3 along with additional details

With several developers announcing that they aren’t attending E3 this year, gamers can rest easy knowing that developer DICE will be at the expo and they will be bringing “Battlefield 4.” The news was confirmed with the following statement, "DICE and Battlefield 4 will be at E3 2013. We will have more details later. Stay tuned to our official channels for updates."

With Nintendo already announcing that they won’t be giving a conference key-note address and 2K Games has informed fans that they won’t have a booth at E3 2013, it’s a relief to hear that DICE will be present and that they will be bringing “Battlefield 4” to the event. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Evil_Ryu  +   857d ago
This is good news i love battlefield but Respawn entertainment is gonna steal the e3 show with Titan
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joab777  +   857d ago
Yeah b/c both will be shown at MS' s E3 event. On PS side, I think we may see a bunch of destiny and a few games we havnt seen. Anyway, is it wierd that EA is now with MS and Sctivision kinda siding with PS?
DeadlyFire  +   857d ago
Maybe, but I am skeptical. Titan is being published by EA so its coming to PS4 one day.
Funky Town_TX  +   857d ago
cant wait
BF3 is the best FPS this gen and I hope BF4 is great.
sprinterboy  +   857d ago
I think everyone on the planet knew that even non gamers lol
Fluke_Skywalker  +   857d ago
I was about to post some smart ass remark, but you pretty much nailed it anyway.
I can't imagine this is a surprise to anyone.
Plagasx  +   857d ago
Lol, it would be stupid for them NOT to bring BF4...It's like one of EA's biggest title.

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